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Mutiny in Woodbury

Martinez has brought Tyreese and his group -- as well as the large African-American villager whose name turns out to be "Shump," of all things -- to the zombie-trap introduced in the first half of the season. There are maybe a dozen of them down in the pit, and Tyreese and Sasha are horrified to realize that they're bringing walkers to the meeting with the prison people tomorrow. Alan, of course, thinks it's genius. Tyreese says they're not doing this, and Martinez says if that's the way he wants it, the Governor will boot them all. Alan angrily tells Tyreese to shut up and says it's his job to look out for his kid. "Like you looked out for Donna?" Tyreese digs. Alan jumps him, but he's half Tyreese's size, and even his scrawny teenage son jumping into the mix can't help. Soon Tyreese has Alan half hanging over the edge of the pit, and Alan dares Tyreese to drop him in. Instead, Tyreese pulls him back. Martinez applauds and tells Shump, "Take him back to town. Let him do some knitting."

Andrea pauses in the middle of an open field. Is she now, on top of everything else, lost? That would be the kicker, wouldn't it? Seeing another truck go by on the bordering road, she dives to the ground for cover, but it's too late; it's coming back around after her, blasting its horn. With the Governor at the wheel. Not sure what the purpose of the horn-honking is; he already has her attention. She reaches the tree line and disappears. The Governor's truck can't pursue, but he's clearly going around.

As dusk is coming on, Andrea eventually makes it to the semi-industrial outskirts of an abandoned town, and runs to hide inside one of the buildings, just as the Governor is rolling up in is truck. She finds herself in a small, wrecked cube farm off a warehouse office complex, trying to stay undetected in the gloom and only succeeding in kicking over large buckets of noisy debris. She hears the Governor's truck outside, and soon his footsteps inside, as he stalks the creepy, darkened space. Hearing her make more noise, he starts whistling. Clearly sneaking up on her is not his plan.

She falls silent, but can't manage to quietly kill a walker that comes at her out of the dark. She moves on and he follows, soon finding her fresh leavings on the floor and whispering her name, asking her to come back, saying they all need her. "That's your home now. Your people. Your town. You can't just leave them all behind." This is a line of reasoning that would normally work great on her, appealing as it does to her overinflated sense of her own awesomeness, but even she's not buying anymore, and she stays hidden. After a short pause, the Governor says, "Suit yourself," and starts furiously smashing interior windows with a shovel. Someone is in a mood. He continues to move around and making as much noise as possible, like that's going to flush her out. Of course he knows damn well she's not packing heat, so it's not like he has any reason not to give away his position.

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