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Mutiny in Woodbury

Soon he's within yards of her current totally inadequate hiding place, dragging the shovel blade on the cement floor; then feet away, and then he hears something break in another direction. He goes off that way apparently unaware that Andrea was poised behind a narrow crate with her knife poised. He's a little disappointed when the noise turns out to be another walker, which he quickly dispatches with his own knife. His handgun does for a couple more, not that he minds taking the time to repeatedly split one's skull with the blade of the shovel for maximum gross effect. Andrea thinks she's safe, and then when another walker comes around the corner at her, she pushes it back, leaving it suspended on a hanging meathook. She then tries a door, only to find nothing behind it but a stairwell absolutely packed with walkers. When she closes the door again, the Governor is there behind her, slowly approaching. "Time to go home, Andrea."

When he gets close enough, she opens the door again, then ducks behind it so she's safe while the stairwell full of walkers empties itself out a the Governor. Okay, that was a slick move. He's soon in a fight for his life, which Andrea watches dispassionately through the door's broken window. At least until she gets bored and runs up the now-empty stairwell to the upper level, listening to him empty his gun and continue basing away at the dozen or more revenants that have him cornered. Finally she finds another exit and walks out, satisfied that there's no way the Governor's getting out of this one.

It's full dark now as the zombie-trap's cylinders grind away. In addition to the ones in the pit, there's a livestock trailer full of them. An unseen figure splashes them with gasoline, as well as the ones in the pit. A rag is lit, and soon they're all burning. Pretty neat effect, actually, the way flames are licking at the zombies as they wander around helplessly in the pit.

After what must have been a long night, Andrea finally makes it to the edge of the woods outside the prison fence, battered and exhausted. Presumably the Governor had the keys to the truck in his pocket. It's the first we've seen of the place all night. Rick's up on the guard tower alone, and Andrea happily raises a hand and draws breath to hail him. Which of course is when the Governor jumps up, grabs her from behind, and pulls her to the ground and out of sight. As for Rick up in the guard tower, it's clear that he just caught the quick movement out of the corner of his eye, but we can't tell what he makes of it, if anything; for now, the Governor has Andrea pinned to the ground, his hand over her mouth. Other than that, he actually looks pretty happy to see her. Man, either he's super-tough or zombies are not what they used to be. He's got blood on his face, of course, but it's clearly not his or else the fever would probably have hit him by now. Rick raises his rifle and looks through the scope where Andrea was just standing a moment ago, but a after a few seconds of seeing nothing, he clearly decides it was another phantom and goes back to his watch. One more second would have made the difference. Maybe get the lead out next time, Andrea.

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