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Mutiny in Woodbury

Shump's at the zombie trap and finds it burned out, with charred corpses huddled in a grisly pile at the bottom of the pit. Smoking, sizzling, smoldering, collapsed -- but still really wanting to eat him. Damn.

The Governor drives back into town and, without getting out of his truck or even rolling the window all the way down, lies to Martinez that he had no luck finding Andrea. Martinez tells him about the zombie barbecue, and his suspicions that it might have been "Tyreese and his sister." The Governor tells Martinez to send the whole group over to meet him, and to go to Zombies 'N' Thingz at the mall for more walkers while he's at it.

The Governor, still bloody-faced, finds Tyreese and his group waiting for him. Sasha asks whether he found Andrea in an almost accusatory tone of voice, and he tells them the same lie. "Hardly made it back myself. I'll look again tomorrow." He asks them about what happened at the pit yesterday, and Tyreese says he gets it if the Governor has a beef with Rick, "But you can't be feeding his kids to biters." The Governor indulgently says he plans no such thing; it's a bluff. "I'd rather scare his people into leaving us alone than engaging in another fight. Trying to save lives here." He claims that people are more scared of an oncoming zombie than a gun in their face, which I guess is why this whole half-season is about a brewing war between humans. Sasha seems convinced, but Tyreese skeptically asks, "Then why didn't your man just say that?" The Governor falters a bit, saying they don't discuss tactics with strangers. They just ask them to assist with them. Now Sasha, Ben and Alan are all looking at Tyreese, waiting for him to apologize. Which he does, saying it won't happen again. The Governor seems to accept this, but on the way out, he Columbos, "Where did you get the gasoline?" Tyreese: "Come again?" The Governor, convinced that Tyreese's confusion is genuine, says it doesn't matter, and leaves them alone.

The Governor meets the one other suspect, Milton, on the street. Milton just asks the Governor, "Is she dead?" "I hope not," the Governor answers. Milton asks the Governor if he's okay, and the Governor claims to have never been better. Milton says it's a shame about the pits, and hopes the Governor finds out who did it. "Already have," the Governor says. Without asking him who, Milton walks on, which is a dead giveaway. And the Governor watches him go. For now.

Elsewhere, in one of Woodbury's seemingly endless warehouse-slash-dungeons, the camera tracks down a winding hall and through an opening door to the Governor's "workshop." There's the room, and there's the chair, and in it, bound and gagged and motionless but fully conscious, is Andrea. Stupid, stupid Andrea. And if the Governor is keeping this from even Martinez, I hate to think what he plans to do to her. Yes, even her.

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