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We open on a scene of Shane shaving his head at what looks to be the Greene family farm. He's making quite the mess and leaves the water running. I know that this farmhouse seems to have endless resources, but you'd think maybe a little conservation might be in order here. Shane looks exhausted, and we presume that he's just wiped out by his exhausting trip to the high school.

But before that happens, we see Shane all in military mode, running through hallways with hordes of angry zombies (again, kudos to the makeup department here -- these ones look particularly gnarly). While he's running, Rick is telling Lori about how Shane was a juvenile delinquent in high school, he stole the principals car and defaced it. Charming. Lori doesn't seem all that interested in the story (and neither am I), but I can forgive her a bit since she's sitting staring at her dying son. Rick reassures her that Shane will find his way back since he's a stubborn SOB, and Lori just makes Rick eat the milk and sandwich that have been provided... so he can be a human blood bank.

In the camper on the highway, Carol is lying in the bedroom just audibly sobbing, while Andrea tries to assemble and reassemble Daryl's gun. Neither of them seems particularly courteous about the fact that Daryl is trying to sleep. So a restless Daryl decides to go out into the woods, and Andrea insists upon tagging along. Dale thinks this is an ill-advised plan. Why Dale? Walking in the middle of the night with flashlights to draw attention to you where walkers can sneak up on you even more easily? That seems like a solid plan. Then again, if I had to pick between Carol's crying and the zombie infested woods, I'd be taking a moonlight hike as well.

In the high school, Shane and Otis are cornered on the top of the bleachers (because apparently these zombies can't climb?) Shane suggests that they squeeze out the tiny auditorium windows (which look small even for him) and Otis basically laughs in his face. Otis instead offers to jump down into the middle of the zombies and distract them and then run into the locker room, squeeze out some bigger windows and meet around the other side. But when Otis jumps down, he lands on his knee wrong and falls hard. Walkers pounce on him, but Shane does some target practice and keeps the flesh-eaters away until Otis makes it close to the locker room, in his still-limping state. Shane then heads off for the teeny tiny window opening, taking out a couple walkers along the way, and momentarily pauses at the two story fall he's about to take. But a walker comes along and grabs him, so Shane shoots the walker in the face with a handgun. This movement causes Shane to fall, landing on his knee wrong. Hope that Doc has some decent ace bandages back at the house for all these zombie-sustained injuries.

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