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No Hand Left Behind
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Merle's up on the department store roof cursing up a storm and seemingly going crazy. He's using the word "pussy" quite a lot. He's also sitting there basically burnt to a crisp with his skin peeling, and his wrist around the handcuff looks completely raw. He rambles about times in the hole and the military. He's his charming self, even in his delusional state. After briefly zoning out, he wakes up with a renewed effort to break free. He prays to Jesus, and his pleas are responded to by walkers busting through the door. Well, almost, the padlock/chain that T-Dog through on at the last second seems to be keeping them at bay. Needless to say, Merle's not pleased with the mysterious ways that his lord is working and goes from praying to pissed. We then see him desperately reaching for the fallen tools, with the help of a belt.

Sadly, we move away from the crazy rantings of Merle Dixon and move on to He's the Sheriff and his merry band of misfits driving their getaway truck out of town. I'd seriously watch an hour of Merle being a crazy, hateful, racist, asshole... at least he totally commits to his performance. Can't say that about say... Shane. Anyway, Morales says that Rick shouldn't be all that worried about people crying tears over an absentee Merle -- well, aside from his brother Darryl. I hope he has another brother Darryl, too. They keep driving along, and Glenn passes them happily joyriding all over the damned place. I'm glad he's happy. If this show can't be about Merle, at least they should give me more Glenn.

At Camp Terror, we see people living their everyday lives, and Lori is trying to give Carl a haircut. Shane basically tells him to suck it up, as shaving is way worse. He also promises the boy that the next day he'll show him his secrets for catching frogs. Neither Carl nor Lori seem all that excited about the possibility of noshing on frog legs. Guess they aren't totally starving yet.

Thankfully this pointless conversation about freaking frogs is interrupted by Glenn and his very loud car alarm, which is echoing throughout the hills. Amy starts getting really goddamned annoying about the state of her sister, which is somewhat wonderfully drowned out by the blaring car alarm. Until Shane and Dale turn off the battery. Then it is all panic/whine. Hate her. Can she be the first one eaten by a zombie? Then Shane starts lecturing my boy Glenn about driving the car up there. What the hell would you have liked him to do? Walk all that way? Besides, parts. Think. Dale says that the echoes would have confused the zombies, but Glenn should think things through in the future. OK, Dale can live.

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