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No Hand Left Behind

Just then the moving van pulls up, Morales is greeted by his family. Andrea and Amy have a tearful reunion that makes me hate them both. Amy the most, though, because she's utterly useless. Rick hangs back, until Glenn and Morales tell him to come out, as he's the one that got them out of their jam. Shane's the first one to see Rick, and he doesn't particularly seemed pleased. More just shell-shocked. Carl and Lori look over and Carl starts tearing up before he runs into his dad's arms. Lori looks stunned and bug-eyed. Like, Ramona on the Real Housewives of New York kind of bug-eyed. As she hugs her husband she looks at Shane who just sort of nods at her, I guess to acknowledge that their days in the woods having sex are over.

Around the campfire, Rick explains how he got from the hospital to Camp Terror. Carl says that Lori told him that Rick died. At this, Lori gives Shane a look. I didn't know what this look meant until later in the episode... so you'll have to wait, too. Lori explains that they were going to medevac Rick and the other seriously ill patients to Atlanta, but then Atlanta went to hell in a handbasket, so that plan went out the window. Shane whispers that he barely got Carl and Lori out. Rick is beyond grateful.

Before things start to get awkward, we're introduced to a sweet fella named Ed. He's sitting with his wife Carol and daughter Sophia, and gets up to throw another log on the fire. Shane says that's breaking the rules, as a big fire might attract walkers. Ed doesn't seem to respect Shane's authority, and just shrugs that he was cold. Shane gets up, takes the log out of the fire and stomps it out, while Ed just glares at him. Carol and Sophia look uncomfortable. Carol tries to apologize for the dimwit she married, but really, its not her fault.

Dale brings up the sensitive subject of Merle and what they are going to tell Darryl when he gets back. T-Dog says he'll take the bullet, since he's the one who dropped the key, Rick the martyr says that he's the one who should do it, because he put him in handcuffs. Glenn, the voice of reason, says that it might sound better coming from a white guy. Great! Darryl's a racist too! Those Dixons sound like two peas in a pod. Amy suggests lying. Great plan, genius. Andrea wants to tell the truth about what a bigot Merle was being. Also a great plan, genius. Though they agree that they should tell him that it was Merle's fault. But they realize that Darryl the hunter is not going to take any of this news well.

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