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No Hand Left Behind

T-Dog is still feeling guilty and says that he chained the door, and it's a narrow hallway, so the zombies shouldn't be able to get enough leverage to break through the chain and padlock. Meaning the mean ol' Merle is most likely still alive and baking in the sun like a piece of fried chicken (white meat only, of course). [Now, they only left him that day, right? How far from Atlanta is this camp, and how long does it take a man to dehydrate on an Atlanta rooftop? Was that opening scene, like, an hour later? - Zach]

In Lori's tent, Rick says goodnight to his son in a sweet and gentle way. He really does look appreciative of finding his kid. So far, this father and son are the most believable relationship on this show. After Carl barely closes his eyes, Rick jumps over to the other side of the tent and starts making out with Lori. They snuggle up and he says that he knew he'd find them both, and she says he's cocky. He goes on about the stupid photo albums. She pulls out one to show him. He gets his picture of the three of them out of his pocket and says it belongs in the book. She then tells him she thought she'd never see him again. I totally thought she was going to fess up to cheating on him with Shane... but no. She's not that interesting. Instead she's sorry that his life has sucked, and apologizes for being bitchy in the hospital and before that... he's just happy to have a second chance. More kissing, she gives him back his wedding ring, then sex with only a brief pause to consider the well-being of their child... who is supposedly a sound sleeper. God, I hope so.

The next morning, Rick is alone in the tent, and his Sheriff duds are missing. (Luckily, someone left a change of clothes.) Carol is cleaning and ironing them. She says she washed them as best she could, but a washboard isn't as good as her old Maytag. Where the hell did they find a washboard? Who still has those? Did they rob like a Cracker Barrel? Anyway, my boy Glenn is lamenting the fact that his sexy sports car is being pulled apart for its parts. Rick tells him that hopefully they'll steal another one.

Rick finds Lori with Amy and Andrea hanging clothes up to dry. She let him sleep late. She sees a look on his face and says he's thinking about Merle. She just knows it. Shane drives up with water. Lori thinks that if Rick's going to go on a rescue mission, it's an idiotic plan... but just them, zombies attack.

Well, not really, but it's pretty much the closest we get in this episode, so it'll have to do. The walker is chomping on a deer that has some arrows in it. The kids found it while they were just out playing in the woods? That seems safe. And like excellent parenting. The men in the camp take turns hitting the walker with blunt objects, and Dale finally decapitates him. Amy and Andrea just look on. I thought Andrea was more awesome than this. Dale says this is the first one that's gotten this close, but they're out of food so they're getting desperate. There's a rustling in the woods, but no zombies, just Darryl. He's angry that his deer got eaten by a walker. He wants to know if they can just cut off the chewed-up part, but Shane thinks it's too risky. On the plus side, he did catch some squirrels. The jaw of the decapitated zombie head starts moving, Darryl shoots it with an arrow and then chastises the men for not hitting it in the brain.

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