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No Hand Left Behind

Darryl walks back to camp calling out his brother's name. Shane tells him that there was a problem in Atlanta, and Darryl immediately jumps to the fact that his brother is dead. Rick pulls off the band-aid and tells him about Merle being a dick and Rick having to tie him to a roof. This causes Darryl to go in a knife-wielding fit of rage. Shane grabs Darryl and puts him in a chokehold. T-Dog explains his one-in-a-million shot of dropping the key down the drain. Then he tries to be comforting, saying he locked the door to keep the geeks out. Darryl wants to know where his brother is so he can go get him. Lori pipes up that Rick will show him. And Rick admits that he's going back.

He's the Sheriff puts his uniform back on, while Shane calls him out on abandoning his wife and kid. He wants to know why Rick would risk his life for a douchebag like Merle Dixon. Darryl tells him to choose his words more carefully, and Shane says that douchebag was what he meant. For a millisecond I didn't hate Shane! Miracle. Rick doesn't care, he can't leave a man to die like an animal in a trap. Lori wonders if his plan is just to go with Darryl. Rick pleadingly looks at my boy Glenn. "Oh, come on," he sighs. So do I. Why does it always have to be Glenn? Give the guy a break. He went into the sewer, got covered in guts, was zombie bait and had to give up his flashy car. Has he not been through enough? Rick says he's been there before, so he's the best option to get them in and out quickly. He also says it would make Lori feel safe.

Shane's now grouchy about losing three men, but I notice that he doesn't volunteer for any of these dangerous missions. Wuss. T-Dog says he'll make it four, as he's going back up on the roof for redemption or something. Darryl cleans his arrows. Shane gets up on his high horse and says that they can't afford to lose people, and that by going out to the city they'll attract more walkers. This logic makes no sense. Same way he didn't want to rescue people, and yet he let, like, six people go on an errand that one person usually does solo. I really hate Shane. Rick then mentions the stash of guns from the police cage that's just sitting in the road. Carl unconvincingly tells him that he doesn't want him to go.

Rick then explains about Morgan and his son and the walkie-talkie that is sitting in the bag with the guns. Even Shane realizes that the walkie-talkies don't match with the CB radio. So Rick says goodbye to his wife and son and then takes off to ask Dale for bolt cutters. Dale doesn't like lending tools, because the last ones he loaned to T-Bag are still on the roof of the building. Why did he have those tools for a supply pickup? What was he planning on doing with a monkey wrench? Rick says he'll get the tools back, and the bolt-cutters are an investment. Dale wants his pick of the guns when he gets back. Dale's friend, who seems to be Camp Terror's resident mechanic, also wants the radiator hose from the van they stole for his RV. Rick quickly agrees to both terms. Darryl starts honking the horn, but no one chastises him for calling attention to the camp and bringing walkers up the mountain. Before he gets on the truck, Shane tries to make a peace offering with some rounds of bullets that he has floating around in his bag.

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