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No Hand Left Behind

At the quarry, the women are cleaning while Ed stares all disapproving-like. Andrea takes a shirt and tosses it to him saying that he's welcome to wash his own stuff. He throws the shirt back at Andrea fairly forcefully and says that's not his job. Andrea wants to know what his job is, as he sits around on his ass all day. He calls Andrea a bitch and then tells Carol it's time to go. When Andrea tries to tell her she doesn't have to go, he makes a charming misogynistic remark and tells his wife that if she doesn't come immediately that he'll make her pay later. Jacqui wants to know if he's taking her away so she can show up with more bruises later. Ed flips out and smacks his wife across the face, basically proving Jacqui's point. Shane comes over and drags Ed away, then starts beating him to a pulp. He doesn't know when to quit, and Andrea and the other women look on horrified. Carol's a blubbering mess.

Back in Atlanta, the guys head up the stairs, which are zombie-free, so I guess the zombies got lazy. They bolt-cutter through the padlock and head out on to the roof, only to see the best/most disturbing image of the episode. Merle's no longer on the roof, but he left behind his hand. Looks like he was finally able to reach the hacksaw. Darryl starts screaming, everyone else looks on stunned. The empty handcuff is a pretty great final image. The rest of the episode, not so much, but the first three minutes and the last 30 seconds were pretty kickass. Next week I hope there are more zombies.

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