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Okay, this is weird; there's a helicopter. And it's in the air. And it's manned by three soldiers in fatigues. Admittedly it's clearly been a while since their last inspection, but a functioning aircraft isn't something you'd expect to see ten months into the zombie apocalypse. But then we won't be seeing this one much longer either, as the chopper runs into mechanical difficulties, vomits cataracts of black smoke, and crashes into the treetops.

Walking along the road, Andrea, her katana-toting traveling companion Michonne, and Michonne's zombie pets spot the column of smoke rising from the trees in the distance and head off in that direction across a field, unmindful of the walker or two shambling along in their wake. Or not caring. Michonne has a samurai sword, after all. And also those pets, which will finally be explained later, along with the apparent disinterest of the walkers wandering by.

In addition to the previouslies from way back in the first season, reminding us of how Rick handcuffed Merle to a roof and went back later to find only Merle's severed hand, the new opening credits now include Michael Rooker. This makes me nervous, and I can't tell if it's in a good way or a bad way.

It takes the credits and the first ad break for Michonne's little party to reach the clearing containing the wreckage, and Andrea promptly pukes. Michonne chains her pets (which I've just now realized she's using as pack animals, which almost makes sense if you discount their absence of arms limiting the utility of backpacks -- the straps would keep slipping off their nonexistent shoulders) to a tree and goes ahead to check it out. The first body Michonne sees is that of one of the soldiers, who was apparently thrown clear just in time to be bisected by a rotor blade, now lying on the ground in two messy halves. She's just about to peek into the helicopter's cabin when she spots a couple of Land Rovers approaching and jogs back to their hiding place. They watch as a party climbs out and spreads out, dealing efficiently and quietly with a few approaching walkers before finding the chopper's pilot alive. A zombie walks right past Andrea and Michonne's hiding place, more interested in the activity ahead of it than the quiet, still women practically underfoot, and catches an arrow in the eye for its trouble. Andrea whispers to Michonne that since the new people are working to save the crash victims, they should reveal themselves, but Michonne prefers to wait. And then the cut-in-half man starts making noise, so the leader of the party -- a tall man with a deep voice that belies his baby face -- stabs him in the top of the head. He then does the same to the dead soldier still inside the helicopter.

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