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Outside the prison on some foggy morning, somebody's got a gas can and a hacked-up deer carcass. The animal is dragged to a smashed-open gate, where it's used to distract a couple of walkers inside the courtyard. While they feast, the faceless figure uses an axe to smash the chain off the gate leading to the main yard, then sets the deer's heart down in the open gate. We never saw who was doing that, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Rick.

After the credits and ads, Rick's leading the effort to get their cars inside the fence. They're also going to have a corpse-burning today. Carol, rocking a chemo-chic headscarf, figures this is too much work for her, Rick, Daryl and T-Dogg, so she wonders where Glenn and Maggie are. They're up in the guard tower, of course, where they've been apparently spending a lot of time lately working on repopulating the earth. With some mocking from Daryl, they're persuaded to come down. The jovial mood is quickly spoiled, however, when the other two inmates come wandering up from Cell Block D, where Rick banished them two episodes ago. Rick doesn't make them feel any too welcome, but they whine about how their cell block is gross and haunted and filled with the bodies of their friends, plus the fence being down on their side means they have no place to burn the bodies. Everybody can find something to bitch about if they try hard enough. The twangy southern guy, Axel, says they had nothing to do with Tomas and Andrew (thanks for telling us their names two weeks after I needed them, dude), and begs to join the group. Rick tells them they can like it in D or lump it. The taller inmate, Oscar, gets upset and says they've paid their debt and they'd rather hit the road than go back. Rick looks around his group thoughtfully.

But then we cut to the inmates being locked back on their side by Daryl, who then rejoins the others. They seem to be debating allowing them in, if you can call it a debate when T-Dogg's the only arguing in their favor. Daryl remarks that he grew up with guys like this; "They're degenerates, but they're not psychos." But he still doesn't agree with T-Dogg. Rick shares the story of a bad guy he arrested who got acquitted after selling a whole sob story and then killed someone else, and insists that their deal stands.

In Woodbury, Michonne skulks around near one of the gates. She investigates the bullet holes and the deck gun on one of the trucks the Governor brought in during the previous episode, and the fresh blood under the gun. The Governor pops up out of nowhere, saying it's too bad she and Andrea are leaving. "Seem like you're holding your own," Michonne says. "Even the National Guard was overrun." She also points out the bullet holes, which the Governor chalks up to bandits. As for Wells, the deceased helicopter pilot, the Governor says the doctor couldn't revive him so Merle shot him in the head, prior to a quiet cremation. "I figured, thank God, at least no one knew him," the Governor says. "Thank God," Michonne agrees suspiciously and stalks off. No wonder the Governor wants her to stay.

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