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No Guts, No Gory
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We open on Camp Terror, with Dale keeping watch over everything and Lori by the fire. Great, my least favorite aspect of this show, and that's the way this episode starts. I'm bracing myself for the worst this week. Amy comes back from the woods with some mushrooms that may or may not be poisonous. Could we please let some of these people test them? Amy's going to ask Shane when he gets back, in the meantime, Lori is going off to look for more questionable fungi in the woods. Once out there, she starts hearing weird noises and for a minute I get briefly excited that Two-Timing Lori is going to have a zombie encounter, but no, it is just Shane. They had pre-arranged to meet out here so they could have sex away from the prying eyes of her child. The only thing that slows down their frantic encounter is the ring (which maybe is Rick's? Since she's wearing a ring still) and a locket that she wears on a chain around her neck. She quickly tosses that aside into the woods so they can get down to business.

Thankfully, we don't have to see more of that disgusting scenario, as we're treated to a lovely overhead shot of Rick's Tank, the zombies feasting on the poor horse and the swarms of walkers that are still crawling around the tank. I'll take zombies over Lori/Shane sex any day. Rick's inside the tank sweating and panicked, when he gets a call from the voice we heard at the end of last week's episode. The sarcastic voice (which we'll later learn belongs to Glenn) basically tells him that he's up shit creek, but he's got one shot at escape since he's totally surrounded. Glenn tells our idiotic hero that if he could see things from the outside, he'd be even more panicked. Way to be reassuring. Anyway, after Rick does a quick check for weapons, (which includes patting down re-dead army guy) which basically amounts to one clip of his gun, Glenn gives him a plan of how he should make a run for it towards a nearby alley.

Good thing Rick's a decent shot, as all his bullets count -- he really gets the "aim for the head" concept. At least he's good for something. He nearly shoots Glenn, though, but they survive being chased by walker-hordes by the skin of their teeth, mostly thanks to a fire escape stairway. Turns out those zombies aren't all that great at climbing ladders. I've got a feeling this will be good to know for future reference. Up on the fire escape balcony, Glenn introduces himself properly and wonders if Rick has rode in on his poor dead horse to clean up the town. If so, he's going about it all kinds of wrong. Glenn calls him a dumbass, which I appreciate. Once on the roof Rick wants to know why Glenn helped him, and Glenn's answer is basically that he hopes someone would do the same for him, and he realizes this makes him a dumbass. Glenn, I think I love you. This probably means he's totally doomed. Poor kid.

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