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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

On the way to the prison, the Governor is parking Lily, Megan and anyone else not up for a fight next to a rushing stream, saying they'll be safe there until he returns. Lily says that's good enough and adds that he doesn't have to do this; he guilts her about Megan's safety, which makes Lily wonder what she's going to grow up to be. "She's gonna be alive," The Governor says. Again, these kinds of answers don't seem to be satisfying Lily.

The Governor goes over to Megan playing in a patch of fresh, red mud by the bank and gets a hug from her despite her muddy hands. "I messed it all up," she says of his leather coat. "No, you made it better," he says. The Governor has a lot to learn about the difference between messing things up and making them better. And he is about to.

Still recovering from his illness in one of the cell blocks -- because remember, it's only been a day or two since he almost died, even though we saw it happen almost a month ago -- Glenn tells Maggie he could use a vacation. They chat about it pleasantly, both knowing it's impossible, but clearly glad not to be discussing life and death matters for once. She gets up to fetch him some water, promising to be right back, which is always a total jinx.

Up on the mezzanine, Daryl is having a heated exchange with Rick over what happened with Carol, saying he should have waited until he got back. Rick insists, "She killed two of our own. She couldn't be here." He assures Daryl that Carol's all set, and will be fine out there with the supplies and the car he left her. Daryl's pretty pissed, saying that this wasn't like Carol and bitching about what's going to happen to Lizzie and Mika. Well, with any luck at all, Lizzie will be dead soon. Rick says Tyreese doesn't know yet, and he isn't sure how he'll take it. "Let's go find out," Daryl grumps.

Bob sits on the floor contemplating a box between his feet, until he hears someone coming and scoops it up. It's Sasha, here to thank him for helping save her. Bob tries to defer the credit to Hershel, but Sasha insists on letting her thank him and on asking for his help to get outside. Because she's been sick since, like, episode three, which must be like almost half a week.

Rick and Daryl find Tyreese down in the catacombs, and he's got something to show them before they share their news. It's a dissected rabbit, nailed to a board. Tyreese thinks it's the work of the same person who killed Karen and David, and who left the rats at the fence. Rick is about to gently break the news that Tyreese is barking up the wrong tree, but before he can elaborate, there's a loud boom from above and plaster falls into the tunnel. The three men go running for the surface. They join the group already outside -- which includes Maggie and Beth and Bob and Sasha and Carl -- and from the inner courtyard, they can see the Governor's forces massed at the outer fence -- the Governor standing on Mitch's tank, which is flanked by the group's Jeeps and SUVs, whose drivers have weapons leveled at the prison. "Rick! Come down here. We need to talk," the Governor calls. After a long pause, Rick hollers back, "It's not up to me! There's a council now! They run this place." The Governor asks if Hershel is on the council, which is Alicia's cue to haul him out of one of the cars. Same for Michonne, who is presented by another of the Governor's happy campers. Rick says he doesn't make decisions anymore, but now Hershel and Michonne are on their knees as the Governor tells Rick that he's making decisions today. What, no overblown chess metaphors this week?

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