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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

Rick offers the same opportunity to anyone who puts down their weapons and walk through the gates. "We let go of all of it, and nobody dies." I don't know why none of the Governor's people is taking him up on it. Maybe he should have used that electric razor Michonne got him at some point. Rick says they've all come this far and have done terrible things just to stay alive, but he echoes the half-seasons' theme of getting to come back from it. Hershel smiles proudly at Rick's speech as the Governor takes the blade away from his neck. As for the Governor, he looks at the sun glinting off Michonne's sword, then up at Rick standing on the other side of the dog run, and hisses, "Liar." Well, we know you are, Brian, but what is Rick? And with that, he swings the sword straight through the right side of Hershel's neck. Great plan, Gov. So what's your next move?

The sound cuts out as Nearly Headless Hershel's daughters scream silently through the inner fence and the others continue to watch in horror over their gunsights, and Rick finally howls, "Nooooo!" and fires his service revolver, hitting the Governor in the shoulder. The shooting is on now, as Rick darts for the cover of the overturned bus behind him. Miraculously, he nearly makes it, dodging around just after taking a bullet in the leg. Meanwhile, Michonne is rolling out of the line of fire with her hands still tied behind her back, forgotten in the melee. She manages to get to the back bumper of one of the Governor's trucks and is sawing at her bonds with its trailer hitch when one of the Governor's men gets too close, gets tripped and has his throat stomped on. Nearly Headless Hershel has somehow managed to crawl between the tank and another vehicle even while bleeding out, until the Governor catches up to him with the sword and finishes him off with a few savage hacks that leave his face spattered with Hershel's blood. Mitch yells at Tara -- sitting out the shooting in an obvious panic -- to pick up her gun and fight, but she throws it in the grass and continues crouching instead. The Governor looks up from Hershel's now-headless body, and sees Lily standing there holding Megan in her arms. Looks like she decided to hop in the car and give her boyfriend a little status update.

He goes to her, as Tara tells Alisha they aren't supposed to be doing this. "He chopped a guy's head off with a sword!" she cries, clearly regretting having let him in her and Lily's apartment in the first place. The Governor takes Megan from Lily and coldly shoots her in the head without hesitation. Alisha tells Tara it's too late, and to stay behind her, promising to find Tara if she has to run. The Governor roars that they're going through the fence. "Kill 'em all!" You'd think most of the campers would now realize they're not the good guys at this point, but Mitch just responds, "Roger that," and gets the tank rolling. He drives it straight across the dog run, leveling both layers of fence and leading the charge into the yard. Our guys are still shooting from the inner yard as the invading vehicles and foot soldiers fan out across the field, right past the bus Rick's sheltering behind. The ones on foot are falling quickly to Daryl's gunshots. When Beth runs out of ammo, Maggie sends her running for the bus and quickly follows, laying down covering fire. Mitch fires another round from the tank cannon, blowing out a top-floor window. Just to be a dick, I suppose. Tyreese tells the others to fall back as he continues shooting. Mitch is still blowing up pieces of the prison, and the Govern is shooting on foot from the far side of the bus Rick dove behind. Maggie tells Beth to get everyone on the evacuation bus, because she's going to get Glenn. "We've all got jobs to do," she echoes Hershel. "That's yours." Low blow, that.

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