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When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

The Governor is continuing to beat Rick senseless, past all possible utility, to the point of his own exhaustion. Then he starts strangling and while Rick turns blue, finally that katana comes out through the Governor's chest. Michonne to the rescue, at last. Coughing, Rick asks her where Carl is, but as she helps Rick to his feet, she says she doesn't know. She looks back to where the Governor now lies dying on the grass and decides to leave him to it. He can just think about what he's done for a while.

Mitch is still blowing the shit out of the prison, until Daryl fights his way through the zombies surrounding it to drop a grenade down the barrel of its cannon. Mitch comes scrambling out seconds before the thing blows, looks up at it and then sees Daryl stranding there with his crossbow leveled. Looks like the end of the world got to Mitch after all, as Daryl puts a bolt in his chest. Beth comes running up, saying she was looking for the kids to get them on the bus. Daryl just says they've got to go.

Having apparently been ditched by Michonne, Rick comes shambling into the inner yard like the wounded animal he is, hollering for Carl and finding no one here but zombies. That is, until Carl blows them away with his rifle. Rick goes sobbing into his arms, asking where Judith is. Carl doesn't know and from his expression, he doesn't seem to know where his father is, either. All he can see his this taller bloody dude with his hair in his face, a bullet in his leg and a Gubernatorial boot still jammed up his ass. A few steps later, they find Judith's car seat -- now not only empty, but blood-soaked as well. Okay, that's not a good sign. Rick sobs helplessly and even Carl looks bereft, and when a zombie makes the mistake of shambling into view, Carl raises his rifle again and fires until the gun's empty and he's sobbing too. Rick throws his arms around him and says they have to go. "It's over." The two pathetic, defeated Grimeses stumble away, looking more than a little undead themselves.

And the last thing the Governor sees, as he lies in the grass dying, is Lily coming up to him with blood all over her, raising her gun and shooting him square in the face. So how'd that survival thing work out for you, Phil? Before, he was just a villain. Then he became human and then went back to being a villain, but also something worse than a villain: a fuck-up. Congratulations on thoroughly and comprehensively ruining everything for every person on the show, dude. So much for that survival morality of yours. News flash: didn't work. For anyone.

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