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Fire in the Hole
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This is the last episode of this abbreviated first season, and I'm excited, until I see that it kicks off with a flashback involving Shane. He's at the hospital where we saw Rick wake up, and Shane's running around looking scared and hiding out from military people who are going crazy and shooting people with machine guns. Sure some of those people are walkers, but it doesn't look like they particularly care. Shane snatches a hospital bed and wheels it over to Rick's room, presumably to get his good buddy out of there. But he has no idea what wires to disconnect, and when the army looking guys come in, he ducks, and they don't make any effort to go in. He yells at Rick to wake up, but then the power goes out. He tries to hear a heartbeat, and although he's clearly no doctor, he decides his comatose friend is dead and leaves the room. He shuts the door and, after seeing some walkers coming down the hall, puts the hospital bed back in front of the door. On first viewing, I thought it was because he thought Rick might be alive, but on repeated viewing, I realize Shane is an idiot, but at least had the decency to hope that his presumed dead friend didn't get turned into a zombie.

Back in real time, we're at the CDC when we see Shane and company heading in to the silent building. Jenner wants to know why they're there, and Rick says they just want a chance. Jenner says that's asking a lot, but they can stay so long as they submit to a blood test. He also tells them to get whatever supplies they need from the trucks, because once he shuts the doors, they're staying shut. Oohh... foreshadowing.

He takes them down in the elevator, and the ungrateful members of the former Camp Terror crew have the nerve to question why he's carrying a weapon. Um, what if one of them turned out to be a zombie? Or Shane? I'd want to reserve the right to shoot them. Anyway, Jenner, who is clearly more patient than I would be, tells them there were a lot lying around after all the people hit the road or got turned into zombies, and he's had some spare time, so he learned how to use a semi-automatic weapon. See, Jenner doesn't just decide that putting up some tin cans is an effective way to keep zombies at bay. He's much more proactive. And Jenner kind of jokes around with Carl, and it is fairly adorable.

Once out of the elevator, Carol so astutely realizes that they are underground. Yes, the CDC and all of their gross diseases is known for keeping all of the plagues of the world underground. Anyway, she's claustrophobic, and my hero Jenner tells her to suck it up. Where is my sweet Glennn in all this? Just kind of hanging out and watching things unfold. Minding his own business. Good boy.

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