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Friendly Fire
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Season finale of the zombie show on Easter? Isn't that a little on the nose, AMC?

Much as we started the season, we're slowly zooming out from an eye. But instead of a dead, white one of a zombie like in the season premiere, it's the Governor's dead blue one, just before he throws a punch at the camera and the screen goes black. We fade back in, still in POV mode, as he's telling us that he's impressed with us for taking a risk, getting our hands dirty. But because we burned up the zombies at the trap, eight of the Governor's men died at the meeting-place. Another punch, and we see that the victim is Milton. You know, Governor, I don't think a lack of walkers at that meeting was the issue. Merle brought plenty, as I recall. The Governor lectures Milton on his worldview: "When there's a threat, you end it, and you don't feel ashamed about enjoying it...You won. You take the head so you don't ever forget: you kill or you die." And then you put the heads in tanks that someone blinds you with? No thanks. Milton asks, "What would your daughter think about what you are?" Well, from what we saw of Penny, she'd probably think, "uggh kklkl ack oop klaaaagh." The Governor admits that she'd be afraid of him, "but if I'd been like this from the start, she'd be alive today." Milton asks his next question, which is whether the Governor killed Andrea.

So he throws Milton into his "workshop," Where Andrea is still handcuffed to the dentist's chair. She heard the whole conversation all through the wall, and tries to tell the Governor that he can still stop this and not lose any more of his men. Still not getting it, are we, Andrea? The Governor just vows to kill everyone at the prison. But first he has Milton collect the "tools" off the table. Beaten and weak, Milton clumsily spills them behind Andrea's chair. While collecting them, he deliberately leaves a pair of pliers on the floor behind her, where they will help nobody. At the door, the Governor grabs a knife from the tray Milton's carrying and slams him against the wall, telling him, "You're going to kill her now... Milton, there is no way you are leaving this room without doing it." Milton reluctantly accepts the knife the Governor handed him and steps toward Andrea, but suddenly turns and lunges at the Governor instead. Of course the Governor was ready for that, and he turns the knife in Milton's hand and buries it in his gut several times. "I told you you were gonna do it," the Governor says. "And now you're gonna die. And you're gonna turn. And you're gonna tear the flesh from her bones." Sounds like he's got all the angles figured out. He lets Milton fall to the ground and repeats, "In this life, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill." He closes the door and leaves the two of them alone in there, probably wishing the zombie apocalypse had not wiped out Successories.

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