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Friendly Fire

In the Governor's workshop, Andrea says Milton's name. Turns out he's not quite dead yet. Choking on his own blood, blood, he tells her about the pliers he dropped behind her chair and how she might be able to get them if she can just reach back far enough with her right foot. All she does is kick them further away, because this is Andrea we're talking about. Still, she promises Milton hat she'll get them both out of this, also because this is Andrea we're talking about. Milton offers a plan of his own: "When you get free, you are going to find something very sharp and you are going to stab me in the head. That is what you are going to do. Keep trying."

The Governor is still leading his forces through the catacombs, still not finding anything to shoot at. His day is just about ruined.

Back in town, Tyreese and Sasha are guarding the children and elderly in the supply depot. Sasha asks what happens when the Governor and his people get back. Tyreese allows that they might have to sneak out, like Andrea did. "If she's at the prison it didn't do her any good," Sasha points out. Actually, Sasha, Andrea should be so lucky. Wait, no she shouldn't.

Andrea has managed to get her boot on the pliers, but Milton is no longer with her. But then he chokes and his eyes open again, and he's still in there. And the self-appointed archivist of the human race asks the most urgent question on his dying mind: "Why did you stay after you found out your friends were out there?" Because it's all about Andrea. She says she wanted to save everyone, "Even the Governor, for a while." She tells Milton about her previous chance to kill the him, "but I tried to stop it all another way, because I didn't want anyone to die." It would almost be worth it if Milton's last words were, "How'd that work out, then?" Instead, he manages to gasp that he's still alive. No thanks to her, he doesn't add. "You need to hurry," he finally manages to say, a much-needed reminder that if Andrea can't talk about how awesome she is and try to rescue herself at the same time, she should probably concentrate on the latter. Or, you know, even if she could.

The Governor's forces are still exploring the catacombs when suddenly gas and stun grenades and klaxons start going off, triggering immediate panic. The Governor screams at his people to hold their ground, but they run for it, blasting their way past the zombies drawn by the noise and pouring out of the buildings. Up in one of the catwalks, Glenn in full riot gear screams, "Get the hell out of here!" and opens up with an assault rifle at the confused people in the yard. Not trying to kill anyone, I assume, because he doesn't. Neither does Maggie, similarly outfitted and providing bracketing fire from the other catwalk. Hershel, Beth, and Carl are hiding in the woods, listening to the gunfire. "I should be there," Carl bitches. So at least we know what he's mad about now. Martinez, Alan, and the Governor make a break for it, exchanging fire with Glenn and Maggie while Shump covers them. Eventually most of the invaders, including the Governor and Martinez, make it back to their trucks and roar out of there, though the Governor is clearly not happy about it. "We did it?" Maggie calls over to Glenn. "We did it," he confirms. Just the two of them?

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