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Friendly Fire

A young man from Woodbury flees on foot through the woods, only to run into Carl, Hershel, and Beth near the camouflaged Hyundai. Carl has his giant silencer pointed at the kid, and even as the kid is holding his rifle out to Carl, his finger off the trigger, Carl drops him with a bullet to the face. Well, okay, then. Look who's a killer after all. Hershel looks at Carl in horror, thinking there's no way he's giving him and Beth his blessing ever.

The gang reconvenes outside, realizing they did it. We didn't see Rick, Michonne, Daryl, or Carol during the firefight, so I assume they were all in the prison luring the invaders into the trap down in the catacombs and then setting it off when they walked into it. Michonne and Daryl want to go after them all and finish this. So do Glenn and Carol, but Maggie isn't up to bringing the fight to Woodbury. "We barely made it back last time," she reminds everyone. "I don't care," Daryl says. "Yeah," Rick says, and leads them to go check on the others. Back in the cell block, Beth carries Judith in, followed by Carl and Hershel. Rick hugs both his kids, and then Carl declares to Rick that he's going to Woodbury, all proud of having taken out "one of the Governor's soldiers." "That kid running away?" Hershel points out. "He stumbled across us." Carl lies that the kid drew on them, and Rick says he's sorry Carl had to do that. Carl just insists he's coming along. He leaves the room, and Hershel tells Rick what really happened. Rick doesn't want to believe it. "I'm telling you, he gunned that kid down," Hershel insists. And here Rick was having such a good day.

The Governor's vehicle catches up with the retreating convoy and forces them to stop. Most of the Woodburians aren't willing to go back there, saying it's not worth it, and while Martinez and Alan (still hungry to avenge the death of his son, who was stupid enough to walk in front of Merle's bullet) is arguing with the irregulars, a noise in the background is getting louder. At first I think it's Rick and his gang rolling up, but it's nothing but the roaring of the Governor's rage rising in his ears. And I say "nothing but," which isn't really appropriate given that it cause him to start shooting his own people dead. Horrified, Martinez and Shump back away. After everyone else dead, the Governor turns back to face his die-hards. Alan, who argued for going back, is still standing, but aiming his own weapon at Governor. The Governor grins at him, his rifle empty, and unholsters his sidearm as though he's going to drop it, but instead he drops Alan. That leaves just the Governor, Martinez, and Shump. So how you plan to take the prison now, Phil? Well, first thing's first: the Governor wades into the killing field and starts plugging heads. At least until his automatic is empty, at which point he can't be bothered to reload and finish the job. Instead, he gets behind the wheel of his truck, and with a look, commands Martinez and Shump to join him. The three of them head on down the road together, three travelers in more desperate need of a Dorothy than you can imagine. What neither of them knows is that a woman named Karen survived the massacre by staying still under the body of one of her dead compatriots. She's probably not going to want to hang there for long, though.

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