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Friendly Fire

Andrea pauses in her work yet again to look at Milton, who is starting to make those zombie throat noises. She gets one hand free, but he's already up and shambling toward her. She gets the other hand free just as he moves in, which means that if she had just spent five fewer seconds being stupid, she would have been just fine. As it is, we cut to the hallway outside as we hear screams and sounds of a struggle from the other side of the locked door, and a body hitting the floor. Whose we don't know yet, but we can always hope.

It's nightfall, and Rick and his team have proceeded all the way to Woodbury, with their hostage Karen in tow. If she is a hostage, that is. Lucky for them, there's still no one on the wall but Tyreese and Sasha, and he's still a lousy shot. His first bullet goes wide, allowing them a chance to get under cover and return fire. During a lull in the shooting, Karen breaks cover and tells, "Tyreese! It's me, don't shoo--" Rick pulls her back down, but she won't stay down, and Tyreese calls out to ask if she's okay and where the Governor is. "He fired on everyone," Karen yells back. "He killed them all." The siblings exchange a shocked look up on the wall, and Tyreese asks why she's with Rick and the others. "They saved me," she calls back. After a pause, Rick hollers -- rather prematurely, if you ask me -- that they're coming out. He approaches the gate with his hands raised, Daryl and Michonne reluctantly following his lead. Tyreese opens the gate for them and, with neither of them bringing up the last time they saw each other, asks Rick why they're here. "We were coming to finish this," Rick says. "Until we saw what the Governor did." So now, since Karen told them Andrea left but never made it to the prison, they're here looking for her. Michonne must have insisted, otherwise I can't imagine going to the trouble.

The first place they check is the dungeon where the Governor was holding Glenn and Maggie. "Did more than hold 'em," Daryl tells Tyreese grimly. Sure enough, there's the corrugated metal door to the Governor's workshop, locked from the outside but with a puddle of blood spreading out from under it. Michonne draws her sword and Daryl levels his crossbow, and Michonne asks Rick to open it. He does, and inside is Milton's re-dead body on the floor in front of the dentist's chair where it fell. Andrea collapse just inside the door, still barefoot and looking like hell. Michonne goes to her and observes, "You're burning up." Food poisoning? No, Andrea pulls her collar aside to reveal a gory bite wound covering most of her shoulder, which would have been totally preventable had she only spent a little less time flapping her yap.

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