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Friendly Fire

Obviously everyone in the room knows she's done, as does Tyreese out in the hallway. Andrea asks about Judith and Carl and the rest of them. "The rest of us," Rick corrects, because the top priority now is making her feel wanted. Andrea wants to know if they're alive. Rick says they are, though he looks like he's lying, and Andrea smiles like it was all her doing. "It's good you found them," she tells Michonne. "No one can make it alone now." Plus Andrea for Michonne represents a tremendous trade up for Rick and the group. Andrea makes one last bid at self-justification, telling Rick, "I just didn't want anyone to die." And then she raises up and says, "I can do it myself." Michonne says no, but Andrea insists on doing it while she still can. What, she doesn't expect anyone to make her wait around until she comes back dead, like she did to her sister? Michonne's face crumples, and Rick gives Andrea his service revolver, which is probably the greatest salute he can offer. Michonne says she's staying with her. Andrea looks up at Daryl, who doesn't offer to return that favor he still owes her from the farm, and says, "I tried." "You did," Rick says ruefully. He and Daryl step outside to rejoin Tyreese on the other side of the closed door, leaving Michonne and Andrea alone. The three men wait outside, and eventually hear the gunshot. Okay, let's talk about Laurie Holden for a minute. Here's an actor who played Marita Covarrubias on The X-Files, one of the most irritating characters in genre television. But she looked back at that and thought, "No, I can top it." And thus, Andrea. Here's to you, Laurie Holden. Can't wait to see the last of whomever you play next.

It's morning at the prison when they return, the convoy now including a school bus that Tyreese must have liberated from Woodbury. The members of the group who stayed back home assembles in the yard around the arriving vehicles, and watch as the too-old and too-young of Woodbury start pouring off it. "What's this?" Carl demands of Rick. "They're gonna join us," Rick tells him, and Carl goes storming off in a snit. Man, regardless of biological paternity, Carl is more Shane's kid than Judith will ever be. Maggie and Carol and Glen seem to wonder how they're going to take care of all these people, who by definition aren't exactly able to fend for themselves or else this wouldn't have been their first trip here. But Rick only has eyes for the catwalk overhead, which for once is empty even to him. And we close out the season with a shot of the golden morning sunlight dreamily limning the walkers in the outer yard, and the crooked cross over Lori's grave. Which, one hopes, is where she'll stay from now on.

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