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The New Girl
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Glenn sits duct-taped to a chair in a basement, with Merle dragging the point of his bayonet attachment along a tabletop. Merle is giving Glenn a hard time, not only for not lowering his gun when Merle lowered his in the previous episode, but for leaving Merle on the roof in Atlanta in the first place. Glenn points out that they all went back for Merle, including T-Dogg, and at the mention of that gentleman's name, Merle suddenly remembers he's a racist and refers to him as a spear-chucker. And when Glenn says T-Dogg didn't make it, Merle hopes he went slow. Merle asks about the others in Glenn's group, namely Daryl. "You can't tell me he's alive and then hold off where he is. Or maybe the farmer's daughter will help me out?" Sounds like Merle already has some info he shouldn't, if he knows Maggie's origins. Speaking of Maggie, she can, in fact, hear Merle taunting Glenn about her in the next room. Merle recalls that Glenn's "sneaky" and doesn't scare easy, so he presses the flat of his blade hard against Glenn's mouth, demanding to know where his brother and "the sheriff" are. Glenn just head-butts him and Merle starts punching in earnest, repeatedly shouting his questions while Maggie looks increasingly upset on the other side of the wall. I'm sure she's wishing Glenn had shot Merle when he had the chance. In Atlanta.

At the prison, we pick up where we left off, with Michonne standing among a small crowd of oblivious (at least to her presence) walkers outside the outer fence while Rick, Hershel and Beth stare back at her. Carl comes running with the keys, but in the meantime the fresh blood from Michonne's leg wound seems to be attracting the attention of the walkers around her. So while Carl's asking Rick if they maybe should help her, she starts taking them down. Obviously she's off her game with only one working leg and a fair amount of blood loss, and she collapses flat on her back after only eliminating a couple. But Carl shoots two more just as they're about to go in for a bite and soon he and Rick are outside the gate, shooting down the rest in the immediate vicinity. Of which there should soon be more, given that Rick appears to have his service weapon's volume set to "naval cannon" for some reason. Rick sees that the hole in Michonne's leg is from a bullet rather than teeth and soon they're all inside the prison building doing triage on her. Rick's also retrieved her sword for her, but she says she won't be allowed in their cell block. He revives her by splashing water on her (although given that she probably still reeks of zombie, a full shower probably would be in order) and she goes for her sword, which Rick kicks away. Daryl comes wandering in wondering who the new girl is, but Michonne isn't feeling friendly at the moment, and Daryl calls Rick on into the block to show him something. Before he goes, Rick says they'll keep Michonne's weapon safe and they can help her, which must seem pretty familiar to her after her time with the Governor. "I didn't ask for your help," she hisses at Rick, but he doesn't care: "Can't let you leave." And they leave her locked inside the outer room.

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