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Parfaits and Calf Liver
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The cheftestants are still hanging in the Stew Room after Kuniko's elimination and they're doing the usual thing of talking about what a great chef she was, how much they will miss her, how they can't believe this happened, etc. John pipes up and says that he respects Kuniko, but if you can't make potatoes, then you don't deserve to be there. Brooke points out that Kuniko's still a chef and John retorts that they had five hours, so there's no excuse. Look, he's not wrong, but he doesn't seem to get that this isn't the time. I'm sure if you asked him, he'd say that he's just keeping it real. And if you can't handle honesty, then that's not his problem. Ugh, he is such a typical reality show asshole that it's almost boring.

CJ points out that this isn't the time for those kinds of sentiments. Josh pipes up that they've had enough of John's lectures. John denies giving lectures and Josh yells that John has no tact. John's retort is, "And Oklahoma has a lot of tact?" What does Oklahoma have to do with it? What a stupid comeback. He might as well have said, "Your face." Josh tells John that he's the most hated chef for a reason and he's known for opening restaurants that fail and blowing off events. John claims he's just "truthful" (there it is) and Josh is "making shit up like a blogger." So John is not only the "I'm just too honest" guy, he's also the "people on the Internet are a bunch of haters" guy. I hate both of those guys. The argument peters out. I don't like either of those guys. How about they both go home? That would be great.

The next morning, things are tense around the loft. John interviews that Josh was being "a redneck" (what?) and CJ was playing him and he's had enough. Whoa, Mr. Narcissism. It's not all about you. Stefan interviews that he loves the fighting because it's like "Real Housewives of Seattle." Out on the balcony with the smokers, Stefan and Kristen get their flirt on. Apparently, she plucked or waxed Stefan's eyebrows for him so she asks for a foot massage in return. And Marcellus Wallace told us what a foot massage really means. Kristen interviews that their flirting is innocent. Mmm hmm.

The cheftestants file into the kitchen for the Quickfire Challenge. The guest judge is Naomi Pomeroy, a Masters alum. Josh interviews that Naomi's known for cooking land-roaming animals, so he hopes the challenge is about butchery. Padma reveals two sides of beef hanging from hooks (those things are huge!). I don't think I would be able to resist punching them like Rocky, though. Anyway, the challenge is to procure their favorite cut of meat from the hanging sides and then prepare it in an hour. Padma tells them that, for safety reasons, no more than two chefs can butcher the beef at any one time.

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