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Parfaits and Calf Liver

I think there were more than two sides of beef because suddenly every pair has a giant hunk of meat. Bart is going for the kidneys, because he doesn't think anyone else will. Sheldon grabs a hacksaw and starts hacking away while admitting he doesn't have much butchering experience. Josie and Carla are struggling to even get the side off the hook and onto the table for butchering. Carla keeps telling Josie, "Upper, upper" instead of higher and she's not helping at all. They finally get it down.

John and Micah are both cooking oxtail and John interviews that it has "a sweet, unctuous quality." Gag me with an oxtail, dude. CJ plans to do a tartare and he knows that he's competing against a lot of people who work with meat often, but he's not worried because he thinks he's the best chef there. This is example number one of CJ's newfound confidence which borders on (and often falls right over into) cockiness. I don't think I like it.

Tyler interviews that he's in a funk, because his team lost the Thanksgiving challenge and his gumbo was bad. He's trying to do something atypical this time around to get the judges' attention. Carla is complaining about the pots on the stovetop while Stefan complains about Carla. Lizzie plans to use a pressure cooker to cook her meat, although she admits that she only had a quick demo with it before coming to be on the show and now it's not working right. And if it doesn't work right, her meat will be undercooked.

Micah's oxtail isn't braised how he would like, so he decides to chop it up and fold it into the polenta. He claims John is stuck in the old ways, so Micah thinks he'll win even though John is cooking the same cut. John also notices that his oxtail isn't as tender as he'd like, so his solution is to braise it a bit more. CJ interviews that if the judges don't like his dish, he'll say, "Screw you, you don't know what's good." There's the second example of CJ's cockiness. Still don't like it. Plating, plating, saucing, saucing, garnishing, garnishing and time's up. Micah actually makes a motion like he's spanking an ass. What a dipshit. He's sure he won.

Time to eat! Eliza made flank steak with cherry cognac reduction, asparagus and potato cake. I love flank steak beyond all reason, so I'd probably just stop eating here and declare Eliza the winner. Good thing I'm not a judge. John made braised oxtail, potato gnocchi with roasted vegetables and celery. Isn't celery a vegetable? Why is it listed out as a separate ingredient? I blame John, who's doing that thing with his glasses on his forehead. I hate that. CJ interviews that he wants to beat John, because he knows they will be in the end together. There's the third example of CJ's cockiness. Now I'm worried that CJ's going home this week.

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