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Parfaits and Calf Liver

Josh made beef meatballs with creamy polenta and pickled shallots. Sheldon made kalbi round steak with tomato cardamom broth and fennel salad. Cardamom AND fennel. He hit the weird ingredients of the season jackpot! Brooke made grilled hanger steak with smoked onion figs and cauliflower puree. Naomi says it's her favorite cut of meat, but difficult to cook. Brooke interviews that Naomi will probably be extra critical, since it's her favorite cut.

Tyler made Hispanic crudo with charred tomato sauce and cilantro radish slaw. I don't know what a Hispanic crudo is. I know what crudo is, but doesn't it usually involve fish? His dish kind of looks like poop with corn in it. Yuck. Kristen made top sirloin tartare with mustard sabayon and carpaccio salad. Kristen admits that she just took the first cut she saw because she wanted to get cooking. Padma calls her brave. True. What if she got the asshole or something?

Micah made oxtail polenta with truffled Romanesco cauliflower. Naomi admires his butchery. Carla made a sirloin medallion wrapped in bacon and Asiago risotto with marsala sauce. Naomi likes the flavor and sauce. Stefan made braised top round ravioli with marjoram and aged parmesan. I could go for some ravioli right now. That looks good.

CJ made top round tartare, raw juniper and kohlrabi. Padma says it's very nice and CJ looks away and sniffs like, "Yeah, I know." Whoa. That was weird. What is CJ's deal this season? Chrissy made grilled hanger steak with brown butter, parsley and radish salad. Radish is the new jicama, I guess. I'm surprised she didn't include fennel. Lizzie made braised foreshank with turnips and dill.

Judging! Naomi says that the least successful dishes were Lizzie's shank, which wasn't cooked enough, Eliza's flank steak, which had the bad combo of asparagus and cherries, and Tyler's crudo which was underseasoned. Poor Tyler. He is depressed.

So what were the top dishes? Naomi liked CJ's tartare and he has a look on his face like, "Of course she did." She also liked John's oxtail, because he braised it long enough and Josh's meatball, because the flavors melded well and the meatball was perfect. Well, the producers couldn't have asked for a better final three, drama-wise and then John wins the Quickfire so he's got immunity again. Ugh. I wish his glasses would win immunity. I don't even know what that means. I just really hate how he wears his glasses.

Elimination Challenge! Padma explains that the restaurant Canlis has been serving Seattle diners fine food since 1950 and the owners Brian and Mark Canlis are here to explain this week's challenge. Their grandfather opened it and introduced fine dining to the Pacific Northwest. So the challenge is to recreate the original 1950s menu for one night only. Stefan interviews that he's psyched to make good food without all the bullshit and then he goes on a gross rant about dirty martinis that you don't need to know about, trust me.

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