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Parfaits and Calf Liver

The Brothers Canlis offer up the original menus and explain that nearly all of the dishes on there are no longer offered at the restaurant except one: the Canlis Salad, which looks kind of like a Caesar salad plus mint? Sounds gross. Padma explains that the challenge winner will get ten grand and adds that it's a double elimination. Whoo! Let's get rid of some dead weight. I love double eliminations.

The cheftestants get the menus and squabble over who will cook what. Stefan seems to be in charge, so it's a good thing he's not a total sexist pig who will give all the crap dishes to the women. Oh, wait. He totally is that guy. For example, Kristen gets mushrooms and she's annoyed that she has a lame side dish instead of an entrée. I know not everyone can get an entrée, but wow. Eliza and Danyele can't even get into the scrum so they volunteer to make all of the desserts. I guess it makes sense to just take ownership of something, but it sounds like most of the desserts are sundaes and I don't know how you can put your stamp on a sundae, really, especially when the ingredients are prescribed for you.

Carla yells out that she wants to do the calf liver, but Stefan says he's doing the calf liver and bullies Carla into doing squab. Now I know that Carla probably can't be bullied, but when it's chaos and someone is barking at you, "Squab! Squab! Do squab," it's hard to say no, especially as a woman who's been socialized to make nice. Do you think John would have accepted squab if he were in Carla's position? Hell no! He would have told Stefan to fuck off and he's doing calf liver and fuck off. I mean, Stefan could at least offer to flip a coin or rock paper scissors or whatever, but he won't.

Chrissy somehow ended up with the legendary Canlis salad (probably because she's a woman and it seems like the women got stuck with all the crap dishes), but she thinks it will be easy. Josh points out that so many people have eaten that salad over the past 63 years and they know exactly what it's supposed to taste like, so if you screw up one thing, you're gone. Chrissy's like "Oh, shit."

John offers to expedite since he has immunity. CJ interviews that it should be great, since John has opened 96 restaurants and knows everything -- just ask him. Heh. John harangues Josh about his ability to make French onion soup. Josh just puts his head down and assures John that he does know how to make it. John's all, "I learned how to make it in FRANCE! They just call it onion soup there! Do you know that you're supposed to put onions in it? But no French people?" It's about that level of condescension. He ends by saying that he'll jump back and help Josh if he needs it. Well, thanks John. You're so generous.

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