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After the stress of the double elimination, the cheftestants repair to a bar to drink away their sorrows. And the bartender is the hipsteriest hipster that ever hipped. He's wearing a low-V T-shirt with a zipper hoodie over it (exposing lots of pale, bony, hairless chest) along with GIANT red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses. I would walk out if I saw him behind the bar, because girl, please. I don't know what time they arrive at this bar, but most of them are drinking coffee. Maybe it's Irish coffee? Is that racist against the Irish to say? Anyway, Casey is sad to lose her BFF Dale, and Tiffani vows to stay out of the bottom, since she's been there twice now. I really can't get over how cute Tiffani is compared to her first season of the show. I don't know if her attitude made her less cute, but she's really stepped up her game. Mike I. tells the table that he's glad that Dale won, if only because he's not Angelo, and then interviews that he thinks Angelo is his biggest competition. I find it kind of fascinating that none of them know much about Angelo, since presumably his season hadn't finished airing while they were filming. But I guess they know he made it to the finals? I don't know.

After the credits, we jump right into the Quickfire Challenge: Tony Mantuano (a former Top Chef Master competitor as well as chef/owner of Spiagga) is there with Padma. She explains that they will be making the best stuffing. I'm guessing it's actually dressing. Isn't that what it's called when you don't actually cook it inside the bird? Tiffani points out that stuffing is really regional, and it's not just house-specific, it's mom-specific. That's true. My cousin-in-law makes our stuffing for Thanksgiving and it is delicious. I have no idea what he puts in it, though. I think there might be sausage? Tony explains that he and his mom always argue over the stuffing because he wants to make it Italian with prosciutto and sage (mmm) and his mom wants a more traditional stuffing.

But there's a twist to this challenge -- they don't get to use knives or any utensils. Fabio wonders if he's supposed to "crash potato with his head." I don't know that he should worry about putting potatoes into his stuffing. And the winner gets immunity and $20K. Tre tells us that he has two girls to support, and girls are more expensive. They are? Why? Because you want to spoil them more? Because they make cuter clothes for girls? I wore my brother's old clothes as a kid, but it was easier to find gender-neutral kids' clothes in the '70s. I go shopping for my boys now and everything either is green and brown with a truck on it or pink with a butterfly. And I would totally put my kids in pink with a butterfly, but I'm just saying. Why not green with nothing on it? Do we need our newborns to express a love of dinosaurs? They don't even know what dinosaurs are! Anyway.

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