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Fabio likes to focus on flavor over presentation, so he's not a fan of this challenge, but his inspiration is "a beautiful woman walking in the rain trying to don't get messed up by the water." That is the most specific inspiration I have ever heard and it has nothing to do with food. I love how Fabio's brain works. Blais says that the difficulty is wrapping your head around the fact that you don't have to eat the food. I don't even know how chefs of their caliber would do that. Anyway, Blais is using dry ice (shocker) to make black ice cream, since Isaac always wears black. Antonia isn't even cooking, just building a plate based on The Giving Tree. That book is bullshit. Way to teach kids to be a martyr. That's healthy. Anyway, Dale is basing his plate on a picture of street graffiti that he just bought his girlfriend, and Tiffany is basing hers on nature. Angelo used to want to be a food stylist, so he's sure he knows how to make food look pretty, and he's inspired by Roberto Cavalli and his use of crocodile skin. Ooooohkay. Fabio laughs that Angelo's dish looks like a bag of vomit, and it totally does. A vacuum-sealed bag of vomit. WTF? And then time is up.

Carla is up first. She has made borscht and sandwich with lattice of cucumber. She's taken half a cucumber and hollowed it out and put it on its end, then poured the pink soup inside. Then there's a tiny round triple decker beet sandwich, on top of a round lattice of cucumber strips. It's cute! I think she could have used more color contrast, though; it's a very green plate. Tre has a plate of smoked salmon, beets, curry noodles, and food coloring. He basically just put dots and lines on the plate, and Isaac says that he can appreciate the abstract style. But it looks like finger painting. Isaac doesn't say that last part. I'm editorializing.

Fabio has written words on his plate, which seems like cheating. He wrote "Style for me is not wear a cool dress or own pieces out of the newest collection of a great designer. My style is the way I'm living my life every day." Should he be dissing designers' collections like that, when the judge is a designer? Just asking. And then the plate itself is very confusing. There's an orange stripe with three lumps of raw tuna that I guess are supposed to be the women walking? And mushrooms for the umbrellas? But it looks like the whole plate is melting? Because he drips lemon juice over the top? Fabio has a weird fetish for pretty women getting rained on or something. That's what I get from this. Tiffany calls it "some bull crap." Heh.

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