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Dale has made a mélange of various ingredients scattered on a plate. It's a mess. Isaac totally nails it when he says it looks like Dale finished cooking and served the dish, and what we're seeing are the scraps left over. Dale's pissed at that assessment, but it's true. Mike says he was inspired by Padma's dress, which is super ugly and bright yellow. So Mike has a plate with egg yolk, cantaloupe, and a bunch of other crap on it. It inspires Isaac to go off on a rant about how delicious raw eggs are, especially when they don't have salmonella. Love him.

Blais has made a really interesting looking plate with black chocolate ice cream, menthol crystals, herbal salad, and mint ice cream dots. It looks like a post-apocalyptic pile of rubble. At least there's some artistry to it. Isaac thinks it's sophisticated. Antonia made a tree with some lentils on the plate. Isaac likes the concept but he thinks the nuts are out of scale, which they are. They're like half the size of the tree. Blais whispers to Dale that they think there's a koala bear in Antonia's dish, and then he and Dale mime being a bear eating leaves, which is funny.

Tiffany went less conceptual and more actual food with a tiny bowl of white almond gazpacho and then a tiny pile of rye crumbs that look like dirt with tiny flowers in it. It's pretty, but a little too minimalist for my tastes. Isaac loves the colors. And then we come to Angelo. He painted the word crocadile ([i]sic[/i]) in chocolate on the table and then has placed his vacuum-sealed bag of vomit on top of an overturned bowl. I know this isn't supposed to be edible, but how would you eat that? And why would you want to? This is horrible on so many levels. Isaac thinks the writing looks like Charles Manson or something. Brilliant.

Time for judging! Isaac thinks it was fun and challenging. His least favorites were Dale, who used bad colors, Tre, who didn't go far enough, and Angelo, for obvious reasons. The favorites were Fabio, who made it look both appetizing and beautiful, Carla, whose dish looked handcrafted and perfect, and Blais, who used color well. The winner, who made the most beautiful dish that looks appetizing, is Blais! So he has immunity from elimination now.

Padma introduces the Elimination Challenge by explaining that they'll be cooking a famed NYC restaurant where you can't get a reservation, and owned tables are passed down to family. It's obviously Rao's, but the cheftestants all look puzzled. Anyway, they draw knives that say Frankie No, Junior, or Dino the Chef. Tre says that it seems like these are Mafia names and it makes him think about either chopping off fingers or digging ditches. I think Tre is a little confused about how the Mafia offs people. Chopping off fingers? Isn't that the Yakuza? Digging ditches? I don't even know. Anyway, in walk Frankie Pellegrino (Frankie No), owner of Rao's, his son Frankie Jr. (Junior), and Dino, the chef (Dino the Chef).

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