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The cheftestants return to the kitchen, where they have two hours to prep. Antonia explains that she's Italian. Sicily! Father! Meatballs! Guilt! Dale has never cooked Italian professionally, but he does cook it for his girlfriend. What gets more mentions this season: Dale's girlfriend or Fabio's turtle? Because, seriously. Dale, you have a girlfriend. Way to go. Anyway, Dale is making fresh pasta, and you know he can make the hell out of some noodles. Mike is also making fresh pasta: rigatoni. Tiffany doesn't give a shit if Fabio, Mike, and Antonia are Italian. She thinks her five years experience working at an Italian restaurant will help her make it through.

Tre remembers winning with a risotto dish in his season, but he's planning on making it less traditional this time. That's a great idea, since Junior mentioned that their food is totally traditional. TRE! What are you doing? Antonia mentions that you need to toast the rice well for risotto and Tre has like three inches of rice in skillet for toasting. That's not going to work. Thin layers, Tre. Multiple batches. Come on! Mike doesn't like being the favorite. He'd prefer to be the underdog. Well, he's never my favorite (except maybe when he was yelling at Marcel) so that's not a problem.

The next day, the cheftestants arrive at Rao's to cook. Carla, Antonia, and Tiffany are cooking first. Carla is making minestrone, which seems risky. If you are serving minestrone to Italians, that better be some damn good minestrone. Tiffany is making a polenta terrine, and Antonia is making mussels. That makes me nervous too; it seems like there have been a lot of shellfish disasters on this show. And then Tiffany's polenta starts on fire. Like blackened tray with ashes on it. I hope she made extra!

The judges arrive at Rao's: Padma, Tom, Bourdain, and guest judge Lorraine Bracco. Lorraine remembers coming to Rao's with Joe Pesci and Ray Liotta. Name dropper! Then again, she's worked with some serious names. I'd be dropping them all over the place. There's this Italian place we went to a few weeks back, and it has caricatures of famous Italians all over the walls, and I counted three different spots with the cast of the Sopranos. They have a version from the first season, then another version from the last season, and then a wall with all the people who died on the show with halos over their heads. I wonder if the Italian American Defamation League has something to say about that.

Time for the first course! They're serving family style. The other diners are Joe, the restaurant manager, and Nicky Vest, the bartender, who is wearing a vest like they would sell on QVC. It's sequined and colorful. I kind of love him.

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