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Anyway, the bottom three are Dale, Mike, and Tre, all from the execrable primi course. The pasta fucker-uppers. Mike tells the judges that he knows his pasta was bad and undercooked, and he feels terrible about it. Bourdain tells him the pasta was tough and improperly sauced. Mike explains that he didn't use boxed pasta because the standard was so high. Colicchio tells him that his pasta had too much egg in it, which is interesting because it's the first we've heard that the problem might have been in the mixing and not the cooking. It wasn't that Mike managed his time improperly; it was that he screwed up the proportions of the ingredients, which is a bigger sin in my mind. Dale knows that his pasta wasn't great either. Colicchio says that there wasn't enough sauce either, and Dale says he felt rushed at the end and didn't finish properly. Lorraine thought the dish was just blah and bland. Tre thinks that the risotto was cooked properly and the problem was that his vegetables were cut too big. Colicchio says he's wrong, and that the risotta should spread on the plate, and not stand up stiff. Tre claims he was trained differently but Colicchio isn't having it. Then Tre says that it looked stiffer because of the serving dish he chose, but Padma points out that when they spooned it onto their plates, it should have spread out. Nice try, Tre. No dice. Bourdain adds that putting the textural issues aside, the garnish and vegetables were too much, and overpowering, and they couldn't taste the risotto enough.

The losers head back into the Stew Room. Mike is sure he's going, but so is Tre. Back at Judges' Table, Colicchio says that Italian food should be simple and not showy. Bourdain wonders if Tre has just never eaten good risotto, which is ironic since Tre won for his risotto previously. Dale's dish was bland, and when they show the picture of it, it looks completely dried out, like he cooked egg noodles and put them on a plate and then let it sit there and dry out. And Mike had bad pasta, as we all know by now.

The bottom three are called back in to hear who's going home. Colicchio runs down their problems. Mike made undercooked pasta, and the sauce was fine, but it can't make up for the bad pasta. Tre's garnish couldn't make up for bad risotto. And Dale's pasta was too dry. So who's going home? Mike is seriously praying silently while they wait, and finally Padma tells Tre to pack his knives and go. Mike knows that he was really close to going home. Tre vows that if he ever makes risotto again, it will spread. Everyone is sad to see Tre go, because he is awesome. Too bad he and Carla are married to other people, because I would love to see them make some babies. They would have the happiest babies with the best laughs of all time.

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