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Two chefs got one secret ingredient right, Tiffani and Miguel. Four got three right: Harold, Lee Anne, Stephen, and Lisa. Lisa beams. Stephen tells us, "This was very disappointing for myself." ["So is your incorrect use of a reflexive, Tin Tin. Hee." -- Sars] Andrea wins the challenge by getting four of them right. Dave tells us, "Andrea pulled through winning, which was great. Stephen's eyes went back into his head again because he continues to think that she has no place in this competition." Stephen tells us, "The fact that Andrea guessed four was actually surprising to me, but again she did beat me and that was a bit shocking in the competition overall." The cheftestants have to fuse two San Francisco culinary cultures to create a new kind of food. They'll make the food in the kitchen and then go out and flog it on the street in a food cart. Katie Leebot goes on, "Tomorrow you will take your food to the public and your dishes must be designed to be sode [sic] on the street." Lazy el again. Since Latin American food is one of the most popular cuisines in SF, they have to fuse Latin American food with another cuisine. They draw knives for teams and cuisines. Lee Anne and Stephen are assigned to do Latin/Chinese; Tiffani and Dave will do Latin/Moroccan; Lisa and Harold will do Latin/Japanese; and Miguel and Andrea will do Latin/Indian. Andrea mutters to Miguel, "I already know -- I already got it." She pokes at her head. Oh, lud. I could make all sorts of comments about India and not going to the bathroom and Andrea's obsession with bowel pursuits, but maybe I shouldn't. Katie Leebot says that the cheftestants will be pushing their fusion cuisine in the Mission District, "San Francisco's oh-dest Latin neighborhood." Seriously, is she from Boston?

The chefs shop and discuss their plans of attack. They get two hundred dollars to spend and "one hour at each location." I don't have any frickin' clue what that means, Bravo. Lee Anne and Stephen get themselves to a Chinese market. Could be anywhere -- Chinatown, Richmond, or Sunset. Oh, I get it, they get to spend an hour at the Latin place (with everyone else) and an hour at their fusion place. Stephen, such a kabob up the ass, goes on about how he's used to four-star dining, not food-cart dining. You're missing out, dude. Seriously. Dave and Tiffani confab. They want to "stay the hell away from burritos." Remember that. They shop. Dave was worried about Tiffani being such a controlling bitch. (Bitch is my addition.) Miguel and Andrea tool across the Bay Bridge and talk about their burrito. Sounds like they're using a lot of lentils. Miguel says that Andrea's got the ideas and he's just going to implement them. Harold and Lisa shop. Lisa tells us that Harold doesn't bring any "drama" to the task. They look at toro (delicious fatty tuna).

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