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The street. The Mission. Stephen is STILL DRESSED IN A SUIT A DARK SUIT OH MY GOD THE GUY IS SUCH A FREAKIN' IDIOT! The cheftestants interview that the Mission has a lot of Latin people. This surprised Harold. He though there would be Japanese people as well. Harold, if you were in Japantown, there would be, you know, Japanese people. But in the Mission? Not so much, hon. Stephen half-heartedly tries to move a garbage can that is sort of on their turf. It's bolted down. Stephen and his black suit can't move it. Harold and Lisa realize they don't have their jicama salad. D'oh! They have no jicama today!

Andrea and Miguel seem to be doing well. Miguel also serves patrons a tamarind punch. He speaks Spanish and tells us that he's going to use "every accessibility" to these people that he could. Aw, he's cute. Tiffani and Dave also seem to be doing well. They have a sign that reads: "Free! Gratis! Sheeba's Cubanos Latin + Moroccan Together As They Should Be!" SHEEBA? Isn't that Pakistani? Or Ethiopian? Or even Yemenese? They're all positioned by one of the Mission BART stops. Perfect place to catch the munchie-riddled stoners. I really want to yank Tiffani's French braids clean out of her head. Lee Anne and Stephen scream out. Stephen tries to approach people who are understandably scared away by his undertaker's suit. He tells us that he really thought his bright orange tie and pink, purple, and orange striped shirt would win them over. And I am so not making that up. According to him, people started calling him the Mayor of the Mission. Well, your hair is as stiff as Gavin Newsom's. Lee Anne tells Stephen, "You gotta sell it!" and tells us that Stephen's been living in his white bread world. Lisa says that she and Harold went along with what they had -- the seared tuna, tomato, avocado, daikon sprouts, and tamarind vinaigrette -- as though they never meant to have the jicama in the first place. Harold's dishing their salad up in bowls. Lisa realizes that seared tuna in the Mission District may not have been the best choice.

The judges arrive. Colicchio tells Stephen he is probably the best-dressed man in the Mission. Except for the pimps. Stephen tells us they wanted to put "class" into street food. But that's the whole point of street food! It's not supposed to be classy! It's walking down the street, sitting on a bench, making a mess food. It's like trying haute up State Fair food! Not the point. Lee Anne thinks the judges liked their food. Over at Andrea and Miguel's stand, Gail complains, "I'm holding too many things at this point." Colicchio thinks the rice is bland. The judges like Dave and Tiffani's food. Over at Lisa and Harold's place, Lisa doesn’t think they should even admit they were going to use jicama, but Harold tells her to "be who [she is]." "All right," Lisa says, "I'll own it!" Yeah, you'll "own it" right off the show. Colicchio remembers that they were supposed to have jicama, and asks who forgot it. Harold quickly says that it was both of their faults. Gail opines that the jicama would have made all the difference in the dish. Whatever.

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