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At the Judges' Table, Chef Yakura says he was really pleasantly surprised by all the dishes the cheftestants pulled off. Colicchio thinks it's going to be hard to pick a winner and a loser. When asked about Miguel and Andrea, Yakura says he was disappointed. Wait, didn't he just say that he was pleasantly surprised by all the dishes? Eh. General judge talk, which will be repeated. Stephen-Lee Anne and Tiffani-Dave are called in. Somewhere along the way, Andrea has acquired and slapped a bindi on her forehead. Colicchio, Gail, and Yakura give both teams major props for their dishes. Dave-Tiffani are the winners of the challenge. Katie Leebot stilts that they loved their "Queen of Sheeba Cubanos."

The other four cheftestants are called in to be called out. Colicchio hammers the jicama mistake into the ground and wants to blame it on Lisa. He wonders if their food was really street food. Harold thinks so: "I'm a strong believer in going with the best available products and the toro was gorgeous." Gail adds, "But we wanted this to be something that we could translate into something that would really work in the community." Yakura thinks that Harold and Lisa's dish was "totally forgettable." He adds, "You know, we've being doing seared tuna with avocado for quite a while here on the West Coast, so there's nothing that special about that. Unimpressive." Colicchio asks who of them would go home if they lose. Harold is silent. "Me," Lisa smiles, "I've already been at this table three times and I'm the only non-professional at this point." Harold jumps in and tells her that she is a professional and shouldn't sell herself short. Lisa amends that she's not classically trained. Harold insists that it doesn't matter. Aw, he's so sweet. "If I'm in L.A., I'd be very happy to eat at your house -- how's that?" Colicchio asks. Lisa says she'd love that. Well, Colicchio -- you're in L.A. next season. We going to see you eating at Lisa's house?

Colicchio doesn't like that both teams' dishes used forks. They just weren't portable. "It's a fucking burrito," Yakura tells Andrea and Miguel, "I mean, you just push shit inside of it and you roll it up!" He seems to be condemning them for not going the burrito route. At some point Miguel and Andrea called their dish a deconstructed burrito, and the shots they're showing us definitely make it look like an open-face burrito. Gail says that if they had just rolled the burrito up, she could have walked down the street with it in one hand and the drink in the other and been on her way. Miguel says that Andrea left it up to the patrons as to whether they wanted to wrap it themselves or eat it with a fork. It was then Andrea felt the stranger kick her right between the eyes. Andrea understands that the competition means everything to him. Colicchio doesn't understand why Miguel would put all his faith in someone who has immunity and can't be ousted no matter what. Miguel announces that he did most of the cooking. Colicchio tells him the rice was bland. Miguel says Andrea was going for an "organic, clean taste" and that's why she wanted to use brown rice. Andrea pipes up that if she did anything to compromise Miguel, she'd like to give him her immunity because she's in a different "ballfield."

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