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The Judges deliberate. Yakura thinks that it was "arrogant" for Harold and Lisa to take seared tuna into the Mission. "Harold did not listen to what was asked of him to do today which was to cook street food for a community that would take to it and what would they want," Gail insists. Colicchio and Yakura don't think that Lisa is putting herself forward enough. Again, they are not very impressed with Miguel and Andrea's deconstructed burrito.

Harold, Lisa, and Miguel are brought back in for some more tearing down. Andrea is safe. Lisa is asked to pack her knives and cut out. Harold looks down. Harold? Get a shave. Lisa thanks them for the experience and tells Colicchio he better come to her place for dinner. Then Lisa says her goodbyes to everyone. Of course, Dave has nice things to say about her. Tiffani tells us, "I was waiting for the big twist. I'm not saying Harold should have gone home but he could have for putting them in that situation." Yeah, you'd have liked that, wouldn't you? Dave wipes his eyes. Oh, Dave. Lisa leaves. Harold starts swearing that it "fucking hurts" and he's "fucking angry" that his partner went home. He tells us that he feels highly responsible and guilty for the outcome: "I would have felt far more comfortable if I was sent home." He's just so nice. Miguel tells them the game is just going to get harder. Lisa tells us that she's proven to herself what she came there to prove, and she is richer for it. But not one hundred thousand dollars richer.

Next time: Ted Allen!

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