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A Game of Chicken
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After Beverly's elimination, the cheftestants are sitting around in the Stew Room waiting to be excused, I guess. Does a bell ring? Anyway, Grayson finds something nice to say about Beverly because she's the only woman on the show who's not terrible. Ed makes a joke about Lindsay blowing up at Beverly about her halibut and Lindsay makes a speech about how she is totally diplomatic most of the time except when Bev screwed up her food. I guess we have to take her word for it. She's been kind of awful behind Bev's back, if not always to her face.

Then Charlize Theron walks in and thanks the cheftestants for the amazing meal and they're all just grinning. And it was nice of her to come back in there. She didn't have to do that. The cheftestants are all fired up.

The next morning, the guys drink coffee and talk about how they don't want to do another group challenge. I wish there were no more group challenges. They only have six people! They don't need them! Grayson thinks she needs to step up because she was in the bottom last week. Has anyone on any challenge reality show ever said, "I was in the bottom last week, but no big deal. I'm sure I'll do fine this week. I don't plan to put forth any extra effort."?

The cheftestants enter the kitchen and find Emeril, Padma and Cat Cora, their guest judge this week. Padma divides them into three teams of two based on where they are standing: Grayson and Chris, Paul and Ed, Lindsay and Sarah. She explains that their Elimination Challenge will be about speed and precision. But first, Julie Chen-style, she wants to know how they feel about their teams. As if anyone is going to speak up about hating them, especially before knowing what the challenge is about. Paul interviews that he's nervous about being teamed with Ed, because every time they team up, bad shit happens.

So the challenge is to prepare a dish with the ingredients in front of them. They have to peel, clean and devein two pounds of shrimp, shuck a barrel of corn, and make fettuccine. After each step, the judges have to approve their prep before they can use those ingredients to start cooking. Padma must have done a terrible job explaining all this because the whole set of instructions that we hear is done in voice-over. There's no immunity tonight, but the winning team gets ten grand. Well, I expect Paul to win, then. He wins all the money.

Annnnnd, go! Sarah immediately starts making pasta, and so does Ed, because the pasta needs to dry. Grayson starts making pasta and then lets it dry while she works on the shrimp. Emeril makes a comment about how dirty the shrimp are, and Grayson comments that she heard the male shrimp are dirtier. Lindsay bitches that Grayson talks a lot and it slows her down. Backing up her comment, however, is the fact that Lindsay has finished her shrimp and the judges say it's fine.

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