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A Game of Chicken

Grayson keeps working on her shrimp while Chris shucks and dekernels (is that a word?) his corn. Grayson keeps telling Chris, "Go go go! Go baby go!" That is how I convince my toddlers to walk faster in parking lots; I would not speak to a grown man that way. Chris is annoyed. Paul says that he's done with his corn, but the judges say, "Not so fast, Money Bags." There are still a lot of kernels on the cobs. Meanwhile, Chris finishes and the judges approve. So shut it, Grayson. I like you, but keep your cakehole shut.

Sarah has finished her pasta and the judges say it's good, so all she and Lindsay have left is the corn. Grayson is trying to roll her pasta through the machine but not having much luck; I don't know enough about making fresh pasta to know what the problem is, although Tom tweeted this week that she didn't have the rollers set correctly. Ed finishes his pasta and Paul has fixed the corn issues, and both are fine, so they only have shrimp left.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Sarah have finished their final component, the corn, and can start cooking with almost seventeen minutes left. Chris finishes the shrimp and gets it checked, but they still have to finish their corn. Seven more minutes pass before Ed and Paul finish, so they now have ten minutes to cook. And Grayson finally works out her pasta issues, so she and Chris have about eight minutes to cook. Good thing fresh pasta cooks quickly.

Sarah and Lindsay are plating while everyone else is done. Ed yells over to Paul something about cilantro shrimp and Paul doesn't hear him. Ed repeats himself but it's not clear if Paul heard. Lindsay and Sarah are all done and plated and just waiting. The other two teams are furiously rushing to get their dishes plated and seasoned. Chris and Grayson actually look like they work well together, as they share the same space and have to season over and around one another. Luckily, everyone finishes as time runs out. And then Paul realizes that they forgot to add the shrimp to the plate. Paul says that it wasn't a question of time; he just forgot to do it. He blames the curse that he and Ed seem to operate under.

Grayson and Chris serve first, and their dish is fettuccine, toasted corn, poached shrimp, chili, bacon and rosemary. That sounds really good although I don't understand if they have any sort of sauce on the pasta. Seems like it would be a little dry?

Lindsay and Sarah made fettuccine with corn milk, shrimp, tarragon and parsley. I was wondering if you could use corn milk as the sauce. Seems like it might be a bit sweet though. I would have tossed a diced tomato or something in there to cut the sweetness.

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