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A Game of Chicken

Ed and Paul forgot the shrimp. Padma can't believe it, and Paul is sweating buckets as he admits that he forgot to sauté it. Padma tells them that they can't win, but Ed is okay with it. We don't even get to hear what their dish was, although Padma says that the flavors were really nice.

Emeril says that overall it was fun to watch the competition, although he's glad he didn't have to participate. Cat thinks Sarah and Lindsay used the corn milk well, but the tarragon was overwhelming. She did like their pasta though. Emeril says that Grayson and Chris came down to the wire, but they pulled it off. Cat wishes they hadn't deep-fried the bacon, though. So who's the winning team? Cat announces that Grayson and Chris have won. Paul is really happy for them. I don't know if he loves them or hates Lindsay and Sarah. Chris is psyched to be able to take that money home to his family. Sarah is all bitter grapes, insisting that her pasta was better and Cat Cora just doesn't like tarragon. Yeah, it couldn't possibly be that the other dish was better, right? Shut up, Sarah. I think we've reached the point in the season where I want everyone to shut up. Except Paul. He's okay.

Padma announces that, for the Elimination Challenge, the former partners will be cooking against one another. Padma gives a commercial for Healthy Choice and then says that they'll be serving two hundred people at a fundraiser for a food bank. Each pair will make the same dish and the guests will determine the losing dish from each pair. Those three people will be up for elimination.

Padma gives them time to confer and decide which dish and side dish they will be making. Doesn't it seem like they've done a lot of catering/outdoor challenges this season? And the one challenge that produced good food was more of a regular dining experience? Take note, producers.

Grayson is pissed that they only have two hours and have to serve two hundred people. She is cursing up a storm. Sarah and Lindsay discuss how they don't want to do burgers or hot dogs. Paul suggests to Ed that they do Korean BBQ. Ed interviews that he wants to compete against the best, and that's Paul. Can we just crown Paul the winner and be done with this season already? Seriously. Lindsay and Sarah decide on meatballs. Chris wants to do something refreshing, and Grayson's thinking chicken. She suggests chicken salad. That sounds terrible. Why would you want to serve something mayonnaise-based at an outdoor party in the Texas heat? Why not just serve food poisoning salad? Chris doesn't like it, but he can't come up with anything else. How about, I don't know, ANYTHING ELSE. That is a terrible idea. Fried chicken. A giant turkey drumstick. Anything!

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