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A Game of Chicken

The teams have to announce their choices to Padma. Grayson seems embarrassed to say chicken salad sandwich with watermelon salad. Ed tells her that they're making Asian beef BBQ with pickled vegetables. Lindsay says they're doing meatballs with a vegetable salad. What boring side dishes. Aren't these people professional chefs? That sounds like the food I'd eat at a church potluck. Will someone be bringing the baked ziti and macaroni and cheese? Angel food cake? No? Jell-O?

Padma thinks their dishes sound a little heavy. Do they? Anyway, the challenge is to make healthier versions of their chosen dishes. Sarah knows that her meatballs are fat bombs, so she's screwed. Ed thinks Asian food is inherently healthy (is it?) so he's got it made.

Shopping! Lindsay is using ground lamb instead of pork, and she has to order it special from the butcher. Sarah is using turkey, which seems way healthier, but is probably harder to make tasty and moist. I make a mean turkey meatball, though. You just have to use more spices to cover up for the lack of fat. Grayson has commandeered a store employee to follow her around with a cart full of watermelons, which must be a sight to see. Ed and Paul meet up at checkout and Paul reveals that he's using turkey instead of short ribs. They try to make it out like Grayson isn't going to make it in time. Has that ever been a problem with shopping? Anyway, it's a false alarm. Chris notices that Grayson is using dark chicken meat and mayonnaise, which don't seem that healthy.

The next morning, Ed and Paul talk about how they didn't get much sleep. Apparently, Paul was nervous so he was up and pacing and that woke Ed up. Ed jokes that they just have to do better than chicken salad. Seriously. No worries here. One of the chicken salad duo is going home. Lindsay and Sarah are laughing over their choice of meatballs. I don't think anyone is too committed to his or her dishes, which makes for kind of a lame challenge.

Time to prep! They have two-and-a-half hours, which does seem insane. I mean, just cooking the chickens, taking off the skin, and removing the meat is a huge task. Chris explains that he's making his mayonnaise out of tofu, which sounds awful. I'm not a huge fan of mayonnaise in general, but tofu mayo? No thanks. Lindsay and Sarah seem to be sharing equipment, and Lindsay is barking out orders as usual. Sarah seems a bit peeved. Trouble in paradise?

Ed explains that he's using a kimchi and chipotle pepper puree instead of ketchup to eliminate the sugar, and he's grilling his meat instead of frying, to make it healthier. Okay, but he's still using short ribs while Paul is using turkey, so there's that. Paul explains that he's using turkey meat on a lettuce wrap with peaches, so his sounds much healthier already. Let's hope it tastes good. Sarah is just burning her meatballs. I mean, there's browning, and then there's just burnt, and hers look burnt.

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