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A Game of Chicken

Chris is pre-making all of his sandwiches while Grayson still has to chop her chicken and mix it. Pre-making sandwiches is a terrible idea, as anyone who ever used a lunchbox in elementary school can tell you. They always end up soggy. And warm. Grayson asks Chris for help wrapping her rack of trays, and he does, but they're almost out of time and he gets frustrated and ends up throwing a chair. DAMN! Temper, Chris Jones. But it does all get done, and they head out to the block party.

The cheftestants arrive at the block party location and run to their stations, because they only have forty-five minutes to set up their food. Chris immediately starts cutting up watermelon, which immediately starts attracting bees. Beets? Bees. Beads? Bees. Ed is individually cooking chunks of meat? Or something. Paul explains that Ed made his bread from scratch, which took a lot of time, but of course Paul can't just enjoy being ahead of the game; he's worried that he's missing something important. Well, he did forget the shrimp in the Quickfire.

Prep time is over and the diners start arriving with their donations for the food bank. Sarah and Lindsay have their meatballs ready to serve. Lindsay explains the competition to some guests, and it looks like each cheftestant has a ballot box to receive votes from the guests.

Paul serves some guests and someone asks what the less healthy version of his dish would be, and he jokes that Ed's serving it. Ha ha, but it's true. Ed has set up his stations so the diners build their own sandwich. That seems like a terrible idea, especially since he has to explain that it's open-faced, and then what if the diners really pile on the meat and he runs out? Easier to just build the sandwich for them. Like one lady take two pieces of bread. And then a kid runs up and takes some bread and Ed yells at him but then tells him to take it, probably because who wants to eat a piece of bread that some kid touched with his grubby fingers. Ed explains that he didn't make a lot of extra bread, so he has to conserve.

Grayson has a long line at her booth because she's making her sandwiches to order (using her bare hands? Don't they have gloves?). She keeps apologizing to the diners but telling them it's worth the wait. And we learned from previous challenges that you shouldn't compromise on flavor to keep the line short. Of course, that wasn't a challenge where the guests were voting for the winner. The guests do seem pretty understanding though, and if the food is good, I'm sure they won't care. They can see that Grayson is going as fast as she can. Sarah's line is also long, and she apparently has apricot and mint in her sauce? Which sounds gross.

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