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A Game of Chicken

Chris Jones is freaking out because there are bees all over his blender. Looks like the watermelon and pineapple juice got on the blender and the bees are really into it. He's worried about being stung because he swells up, and if he gets more than a couple of stings, he could have a bad reaction. That's understandable, but the bees are so not interested in him. They want the watermelon. He should put a cup of watermelon out in back of his tent to draw the bees over there. Also, they shouldn't have set up the tents on top of a beehive, apparently.

The judges show up with their food donations. Former cheftestant Ryan Scott (I don't remember him at all) is working with the charity to get food to kids who need it, which is absolutely a worthwhile cause. Then the judges (including guest judge Dana Cowin from Food and Wine magazine) head over to Paul's table first. Paul serves up turkey kalbi, and eggplant with white peach kimchi. Paul explains that he used no sugar, low-sodium soy sauce, and agave syrup to keep everything healthy. The judges then head over to eat Ed's dish open face kalbi (made with beef short ribs), kimchi chipotle puree, and pickled cucumber, carrots, fennel and daikon.

Ryan the former cheftestant compliments how Paul made his dish healthy without compromising flavor, and various diners compliment both Paul's and Ed's dishes. But what do the judges think? Emeril thinks it's simple but it was brilliant to use ground turkey. Dana notes that the eggplant gives it a "fatty mouth feel," which sounds gross but I guess it would keep it from tasting dried out. Cat likes that he did all the right things to add flavor without using fat. Moving on to Ed's dish, Cat says that she was expecting more, and her meat was a little chewy. Tom doesn't think there was enough meat on the bread. Emeril tries to say something nice about giving Ed credit for making his own bread and trying to make it healthier. Tom totally rolls his eyes and smirks because Ed seriously made zero effort at making his dish healthier. He barely paid it lip service. Padma's bread was dry and she says it like she's informing someone they have cancer. Lighten up, Padma.

The judges are ready for the battle of the chicken salad sandwiches, so they go to Grayson's booth next. She serves them a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat with arugula, pickled red onion, feta watermelon salad with toasted pumpkin seeds. Chris serves chicken salad sandwich with tofu "mayo," red lettuce and watermelon fruit salad with pineapple ice. Emeril starts off by asking why anyone would choose chicken salad, but adds that he likes that Grayson made her sandwiches to order. Cat thinks that the watermelon needs lime or mint or something to freshen it. Grayson just chose the trendiest ingredients. I mean, who wants feta cheese on a hot day? Dana doesn't think the chicken was very tasty either. As for Chris, Tom liked the use of tofu and curry, but wishes Chris had built his sandwiches to order because the bread was starting to dry out. Padma liked Chris's watermelon dish better, but Emeril calls it "watermelon with two ice cubes."

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