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A Game of Chicken

And finally, the judges are ready for some tasty meatballs. Sarah made a Calabrese-style turkey meatball and a vegetable salad with shaved fennel, shaved squash, squash blossoms and arugula. I don't think it has any dressing; it kind of looks like lawn trimmings. Lindsay made a Mediterranean meatball with veal and lamb, lemon yogurt, black-eyed peas and quinoa Greek salad. Lindsay's salad doesn't seem like the agreed-upon vegetable salad. I'm just saying. It seems more like a bean salad.

Emeril likes Sarah's meatball, and notes that it's not dry, even though it's healthier. He also likes the sauce. Tom is a big fan of the salad, but Dana points out that they got different ingredients, because all she had in her cup was zucchini and arugula. Cat thought that Lindsay's meatball looked heavy, probably because of the creamy sauce, but when she ate it, she was pleasantly surprised by the flavors and the crunch of the pita bread. Tom loved the lemon-y flavors. I don't know that I've ever had meatball with lemon. Sounds...interesting? Dana also has a lot of praise for it, especially the originality.

The diners come up and drop cards in various ballot boxes. We see votes going into each box. Lindsay and Sarah and Paul and Ed all think their contests will be close. I guess Chris and Grayson's contest isn't close. Dana is pleased that the two healthiest dishes were also the two tastiest dishes.

Weird interstitial. Paul wears crazy socks, and the other cheftestants think that they are lucky socks. Paul explains that all of his socks are weird, so all of his socks are lucky by their criteria.

The cheftestants sit in the Stew Room, waiting to hear from the judges and reminiscing about their day, and the huge lines. Padma walks in and asks to see Grayson, Paul and Lindsay. Once they are in front of the judges, Padma tells them that they are the winners from each group. Tom asks Paul what his strategy was to keep the flavor while making a healthy dish. Paul says that he used eggplant and spices. Tom thinks Paul should bottle and sell his hot sauce, and that his peaches were one of the best dishes of the day. So Paul's got this one wrapped up, then.

Cat tells Grayson that she did the right thing by making the sandwiches to order instead of pre-making them as Chris did. Tom liked the flavors, but brings up the idea that chicken salad wasn't the best choice. Grayson thought it was fine, but seeing Tom's reaction, she realizes he disagrees. Tom says that she's up against more exciting food, and Grayson retorts, "Like a meatball?" Tom, ya burnt! Grayson adds that she thought she could elevate the chicken salad sandwich and Tom seems to agree with her line of thinking, but Grayson won't drop it. Look, chicken salad is boring, but if she had made an awesome dish, it wouldn't matter. But she didn't, and that's the bottom line here. I'm not sure what she's arguing about. She's not going home and everyone knows Paul will win. And she's annoying Padma. Moving on! Lindsay made great choices according to Emeril and Cat, from the yogurt to the lemon to the chickpea flour. But she's not winning. Paul is the winner, of course. And he gets another $15,000.

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