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A Game of Chicken

The top three walk back into the Stew Room and send in the bottom three. Grayson says that she feels like she "just got brutalized" over chicken salad, and she's all kinds of bitter about it. She wonders if she should be in the bottom three. Settle down, Grayson. Shake it off, girl.

Time to talk to the bottom three. Padma wants to know how Ed tried to make his dish healthier. Ed says that he tried to make a light bread instead of rice, and Padma reminds him that bread is empty calories. Well, white bread is. Tom says that Ed used short rib and trimmed all the fat out to make it healthier, but that also got rid of all the flavor and he did nothing to add it back in, and Paul did. Moving on to Chris, he runs down all the ways he made his dish healthier. Tom agrees that Chris's dish was healthier than Grayson's, but he pre-made his sandwiches, so his bread was dried out by the time he served them. And Grayson didn't pre-make her sandwiches. Emeril says he was excited about the watermelon, but his had chunks of ice in it. Chris has no excuse for that.

What about Sarah's meatballs? She explains that she used turkey, which she thought would be healthier than Lindsay's veal/lamb mixture. Cat says that she was fine with the apricot in the sauce, but she didn't think Sarah needed cheese because it added fat but no real flavor. Tom brings up how Dana got ripped off with her salad and Sarah is horrified. Dude, it's a salad. It's not going to lose you the competition, all other things being equal.

The judges excuse the bottom three, and they head back to the Stew Room. They're pretty confident that Sarah's not going home, and Chris starts cursing up a storm about how it would be a bitch move to go home because he pre-made his sandwiches and didn't blend his smoothie. Do you think it was supposed to be blended but he was scared to use the blender because of the bees? Is that what happened? That was not made clear AT ALL. Ed says that Chris always thinks he's going home and then he stays, and Chris pats Ed's leg like, "Welp, guess it's you then." Everyone laughs and laughs.

Back to the judges. Padma talks about what a difficult challenge it was, between the sheer amount of people and the intense heat. Tom thinks Sarah just had the bad luck of going up against Lindsay's awesome dish, and if not for the stupid structure imposed by the challenge, she'd be in the top three. Tom was impressed by how much Chris took the healthy part of the challenge to heart, but Emeril says that the chicken and bread were dry and the tofu didn't add any flavor either. All he did was take flavor out of the standard dish, and didn't add any back in. Tom thinks Chris is full of ideas but just can't execute them. Cat thinks Ed's dish was underwhelming with "a tiny little crouton of dry bread, a tiny piece of short rib that was chewy, and pickles!" Tom also points out that Ed tried to BS them about the healthiness of the dish, and they weren't buying it. Yeah, Ed. They're NOT buying it! Take THAT!

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