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A Game of Chicken

The bottom three are back to find out their fates. Tom reminds them that the guests found their dishes the least favorite. He tells Sarah that she met the challenge and made a good dish but went up against a top dish, so it was the luck of the draw that put her in the bottom. Chris put in a lot of effort towards making his dish healthier but he let his sandwiches sit out in the sun, which wasn't good. Ed trimmed some fat, which wasn't enough, and he needs to be more serious about the challenge. So who's going home? Chris Jones and his ponytail, as featured in the Sunday Times recently in a story on man buns. No, seriously. Google it. Chris interviews that he knew he made stupid mistakes, and he'll miss being there. Back in the Stew Room, Sarah hugs Chris and tells him that he's really talented. Ed thinks it should have been him. Chris gives a nice speech about how he'll always remember this. Grayson feels like it's her fault because she chose chicken salad. Well, yes, but he didn't have anything better, which is his own fault. Before leaving, Chris tells them that they have to take out Paul before he wins a record-breaking amount of money. The only person who can beat Paul right now is Paul. If he avoids mistakes, he's got this sewn up.

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