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That night, the cheftestants sit around a campfire and talk about what animals might be out there in the desert, like mountain lions or bears. I doubt there are a lot of bears in the desert. They like the mountains and forests, I think. And they're making s'mores! Which is somehow cute. Everyone goes to bed early, and it looks really windy as they make jokes about various horror movies.

The next morning, the cheftestants prepare for their work. Eli makes a bunch of cracks about how hot and dry it is. Apparently, they kept their ingredients in coolers overnight? Unless there was a building with a fridge nearby and the coolers are just being used for transport. Either way, if I were cooking any kind of seafood, I would be nervous. Time starts, and people scramble to get places on a firepit. Ashley interviews that it's tough to control temperature over an open flame and Robin interviews that everyone is falling over one another.

Mattin explains that he's making a ceviche, which means that he gets to avoid the crush at the firepits, since the seafood is "cooked" by the acidity of the lemon. Yeah, and then uncooked seafood gets to sit around until the judges get around to tasting it. Ron is also making a ceviche, as well as a mojito to go with it. He has some trouble cutting the coconuts and asks if anyone has a sword. Yes, I'm so sure that your fellow cheftestants have a sword lying around. I would think he was joking, except he asks multiple times and even wanders around looking for a sword. Shocker: no one has one. Mike V. interviews that he's not going to change the way he cooks for who's eating it, answering Eli's question in the opener. And I think that's fine, but he should take into consideration the challenge, and what the judges want. For this one, they want a high-end version of ranch food.

Laurine worries that she's the only one at the firepit, and says that she has cooked on a ranch before. Were all these people recruited from Wyoming or something? She interviews that ceviches don't seem like ranch food to her. Robin is making drunken prawns, since she figured everyone else would do pork or beef. She's making a romaine salad, which she thinks will be hearty enough for the cowboys. Bryan is making pork loin, and it amuses me that he pronounces dandelion as "dandy-lion" like a kindergartner. It's endearing. Ashley notes that it's not just hot out, but they are all leaning over an open flame to cook. With three minutes left, everyone starts plating their food.

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