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Home on the Range

Padma rings a triangle to call time, and the ranchers come in. Some of them look like actual ranchers, but some of them look like PAs who bought a western shirt and a cowboy hat and tried to mix in. Ash interviews that he thinks he could be a rancher because he likes to walk around and look at cows and maybe lasso things. I love that he thinks that's all a rancher does. Oh, Ash.

Mike I. is first to serve his pork gyro with apple and fennel tzatziki. Greek again. And his tzatziki looks watery. Eli made a tuna sandwich with sun-dried tomato mayonnaise and radish salad. How are those two dishes high-end? I feel like I could get them at Panera Bread. Laurine made a sautéed Arctic char with tomatillo salsa, corn salsa and grilled potato. Her dish looks really good, especially the salsas, although the corn looks a little light. I don't know what time of year this was filmed, but I'm guessing corn wasn't in season.

The judges test out those three dishes first. They agree that Mike I. has done Greek a million times, and his dish is competent but boring. The cowboys agree that it was boring. The judges think Laurine's dish is flavorful, especially the grilled baked potato. The judges are not impressed with Eli's sandwich, and one of the cowboys comments that the fish was good but the bread was hard so the sandwich was kind of inedible. Padma adds that the radish salad was bland.

On to the next group! Ash made a bourbon-glazed grilled chicken paillard with corn succotash. Mattin made ceviche three ways: salmon with apple, spicy tuna, and cod with corn. Robin made grilled romaine salad with drunken prawns and spicy chicken sausage. Her plate does not look good. There's some sort of liquid all over the plate and it's drowning the romaine and making it soggy.

Padma suggests trying Mattin's ceviche first. Tom urges Tim to go first, and he says that the cod is fishy. Whatever Tom puts in his mouth, he immediately looks kind of pale and walks away and spits the food out, explaining that it was raw. Meanwhile, Mattin is interviewing that he thinks his dish was awesome. Robin's shrimp is up next, and they all complain that the shrimp is way too salty. Robin interviews that she didn't taste her shrimp before sending it out, which was a mistake. After those two horror shows, Ash's chicken seems pretty good, although Gail points out that she can taste a lot of bacon grease.

Bryan made roasted pork loin, corn polenta, "dandy-lion" greens, and rutabaga. Jen made snapper with duck confit, daikon, carrot and tomato water salad. I still don't get tomato water. I remember saying this in past seasons. Basically, you puree tomatoes and then drain them in cheesecloth, and the water that comes out -- that's tomato water. Weird. Ashley made seared halibut with avocado mousse, bacon, tomato and braised romaine. She was inspired by a BLT.

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