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The judges try Bryan's plate first, and they're very impressed. Gail says she would feel confident camping with him. Gail! You are a married woman! Colicchio adds that it proves you can put together a nice plate under difficult circumstances. They like Jen's slaw, and think her dish is perfectly cooked, even if it's a little routine. Tim likes Ashley's avocado, and Gail adds that it's the best thing that Ashley's cooked for them so far. Nice to have her do well, since she's struggled at times and gotten stuck with bad partners. I really think the secret ingredient is that she washed her hair, though.

The judges approach the final table. Ron made coconut, lime and mango ceviche, along with a coconut Haitian mojito. I'm not sure why he made a cocktail, especially since he's serving it in half a coconut and it just looks weird. Kevin made roasted duck breast with mole and tequila-marinated watermelon. Mike V. made dashi with miso and mirin-cured black cod and watermelon. Doesn't seem very ranch-y, but neither does duck nor ceviche, so I guess he's good.

The judges start with Ron's ceviche. Tim thinks it's the best ceviche of the day, but Padma thinks the cocktail is disgusting. Gail is in love with Mike V.'s dish, and Tim likes it but thinks it's unexpected. Not sure if that is good or bad. Padma loves the presentation of Kevin's dish, and Gail says that the duck is beautifully cooked. Padma thinks they should all get out of the heat. The cheftestants pack up and head out, mock-arguing over who's going to get the first shower.

Weird interstitial (that somehow nearly always features Kevin). There's a horseshoe pit at the ranch, and it turns out Kevin is like a championship horseshoe player. Of course he is.

Judges' Table. The cheftestants sit in the Stew Room and look exhausted. Mike I. and Ashley bring up how they smelled bad seafood in one of the coolers but they don't know to whom it belonged, and no one claims it. Padma strolls in and calls the brothers Volt, Laurine, and Ashley in for judging. Padma immediately tells them that they are the tops this week, and Ashley is thrilled since she has tended to be on the bottom. Colicchio tells Ashley that this was her strongest dish to date. Gail tells Bryan that his dish was restaurant-quality but also perfect for outdoors. Tim tells Laurine that she used the grill well to add flavor to her dish. Mike V. says that he used fine dining in a non-traditional environment, and Colicchio says that he did it well. Tim Love thinks all of the dishes were good, and the cowboys agreed, but Bryan's dish was best suited to the challenge. Bryan interviews that this is the third elimination challenge that he's won, and laughs a little about how much he's beaten his brother. They really are the team to beat.

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