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Ashley sends out Robin, Ron and Mattin. Robin goes first and tries to explain her formation of the idea of her dish but Tim Love points out that what she served sounds nothing like what she's describing, which shuts her up pretty quick. Gail explains that the shrimp was inedible. Colicchio thinks she might have had some good elements, but they didn't come together. Robin agrees that she's not surprised to be in the bottom, because it wasn't her strongest dish.

The judges move on to talk to Mattin, who says that he's surprised to be there. Colicchio has to break the news that there were chunks of uncooked cod in there. Seriously, how could he not know that? How can you not have quality control on the dish that goes to the judges? Tim Love piles on and says that he's feeling sick from the bad fish.

They tell Ron that his ceviche was good, although it was a little too sweet. Colicchio says that the real problem was the stupid cocktail that tasted terrible and made no sense. Ron admits that he doesn't drink. So why make a cocktail? It's not like ranches are known for their cocktails. Ron says he didn't want to waste the coconut. The judges agree that if he had just served the ceviche with no cocktail, he probably wouldn't be in the bottom three.

The judges dismiss the cheftestants for discussion. Gail says that Ron's actual dish was not bad, but the drink and presentation were horrible. Padma asks whether Mattin or Robin had the worst dish. Robin's salad was "a soggy mess," and her shrimp tasted salty and weird. Gail notes that Robin knew her dish was bad, and yet she didn't pull the shrimp or anything. Tim says that she threw some extra bacon on there, but it wasn't enough to save the dish. They move on to discuss Mattin. They can't believe that he thought his dish was awesome, and Tom adds that he did three things half-assed instead of one thing well. And they seriously can't believe he allegedly tasted the food and still thought it was good. Then again, given his lying streak revealed last week, he could have made that up on the spot.

The bottom three come back out to hear their fates. Colicchio reiterates why they are each there. Ron's ceviche was too sweet and his cocktail was horrible. Mattin's dish was too fishy and inedible. Robin's dish was a good idea with poor execution and horrible shrimp that should have never been served. Padma pauses dramatically and then tells Mattin to pack his knives and go. Mattin interviews that he did well sometimes but he fell short this week. He claims again that he cooks Basque food, although we haven't seen much of that from him. It's not like Mike I. who always cooks Greek food. Anyway, his restaurant seems to be doing well, so God bless.

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