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Hung's 300 Years War
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CJ looks disconsolately at Tre's empty and made bed and tells us it sucks that Tre is gone. He goes on that he made the right decision for the team when he named Tre executive chef of Restaurant April and that Tre knew what he was getting himself into. Hung gets dressed and tells us that Tre is the first chef he "actually feels bad about" going home. Furthermore, Hung would rather lose to Tre than anyone else. If he has to lose, he adds. The Brians are missing wife and dog and home and restaurant. Casey thinks it would be cool to be one of the only girls to make it to the top four since they've lost so many "females." When she says it like that, I somehow think of Worf and mating rituals and how humans are too fragile.

On the way to the Quickfire, Padma clearly had to stop off at marching band practice, which is the only way explain her odd blue vest with the horizontal stripes and decorative buttons. She blows a mean sousaphone. Padma introduces the guest judge of the day, Michael Schwartz of Michael's Genuine Food and Drink (hard as it is to tell from the name, that's not an olde timey grocery store, it's a restaurant), and announces that their Quickfire theme is about "looking good and making the most of what you have." "So, Michael," Padma says, turning to him, "What are the things to consider about this town when you're serving food here?" "It's gotta be fabulous, it's gotta look great, and it's gotta taste great," Michael says. Yeah, Miami is really unique in that way. I know that San Francisco is all about tasting great and looking shitty whereas New York is all about looking great and tasting abysmal. It's good to know there's one city in the country that has managed to put the two together. Padma informs the cheftestants, "And that's what we want from you and your Quickfire Challenge." Because they never want it at any other time? These themes are really getting as thin and lame as whipped egg whites on a humid day. The cheftestants draw knives, and Padma tells them the "Aisle Trial" (ugh!) Quickfire assigns them to specific grocery store aisles, and it is from those aisles and those alone that they can pull their ingredients. They will have access to certain things in the pantry that have already being pulled for them -- citrus, flour, eggs, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, cornstarch, etc. -- and they will only be allowed to spend ten dollars in ten minutes.

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