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Sara next explains Dale's offering of "profiteroles," filled with yogurt, zucchini, tomatoes, and "a tad bit of watercress." Wait, I thought Dale did gougères? Gougères and profiteroles are both from the same batter/dough of pâte a choux (or choux paste), but gougère dough has Gruyère or Comte added to it to make it distinctively savory. Admittedly, gougères do not usually get split and filled with anything -- they're usually just served whole and addictively on their own with maybe some grapes to offset the wonderfully sharp cheese -- as profiteroles are with ice cream, so it looks like Dale is sort of combining the two ideas, However, I really do think it's doing him a disservice not to call them gougères. But that mini-rant doesn't matter because as soon as the judges take their first yogurt squirt bites of the goug-e-roles, Dale's fate is sealed. With drippy white stuff. CJ climbs to the top deck and serves some shrimp and scallop sausage on brioche with a pickled ginger and jicama salad. Hmm, I don't see jicama but thanks to my prepping for a new job, I do see the red tips of julienned radish. Aaaand while Bravo leaves the radish out, CJ does tell us that there's radish topping on his appetizer as well as a ginger and cilantro vinaigrette. The woman in changeable fuchsia taffeta and poodle curls loves it. CJ tells us that he was really happy with his dish because, "It looked, like, sophisticated. It was really pretty." And FINALLY, Casey serves her clearly delectable beef carpaccio wrapped around leaves of watercress and fried capers with lemon aioli and a shiitake broth. Esteban and his especial lady say that Casey's dish is their favorite. Meanwhile, Dana opines, "That's an incredibly ambitious little thing. She has five different components going on." Sara has the dubious task of explaining Howie's cigar of phyllo wrapped asparagus, prosciutto, and parmesan. Michael says, "It's really fucking ugly -- I mean, it's greasy."

Fratty camera whores on the top deck are drunkenly talking to each other about the chocolate mousse dessert they had been hearing about. In the galley, Sara and Casey are struggling. For some reason, Casey is using an immersion blender to kill the chocolate mousse. It's like Clue! Casey, in the galley, with the immersion blender. While Sara thinks, "It will be okay." Casey tries to explain this origins of this sort of grey-ish mess. See, they didn't want to bother making chocolate mousse, so they bought packaged chocolate mousse. However, it didn't seem to be enough, so they tried to stretch it by folding whipped cream into it. Honey, you weren't folding, you were blending. Anyway, the stuff deflated and it turned into pudding. In the galley, Casey wonders if they can take a whisk to it and "beat the shit out of it." I think what she'd actually want to do is "beat the shit into it," but whatever. They try to "really whip some air into it," but it sucks and it's liquid and they bin the whole idea of dessert after all the other cheftestants taste it and shake their heads over the awfulness.

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